Eveyrthing You Need To Know About UNIQ’s Li Wenhan From His Profile to His Acting Career

UNIQ Li Wenhan profile

Let’s Get Closer to UNIQ’s Li Wenhan!

Li Wenhan is a member of the Chinese-South Korean group UNIQ. He and his group debuted on October 24, 2014, with the single Falling In Love.” Currently, Wenhan is known as a Chinese actor and idol. He is also a member of UNINE, a group formed through the Chinese survival program Youth With You. 

There is still more information about UNIQ’s Li Wenhan. Therefore, Channel-Korea has provided all of the information about him through this article. So, keep on reading!

UNIQ’s Wenhan’s Profile


Name: Li Wen Han (李汶翰)

Stage Name: Wenhan (문한)

Birthday: July 22, 1994

Birthplace: Hangzhou, China

Height: 180 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 64 kg

Occupation: Singer, Actor

Agency: Yuehua Entertainment

Group: UNIQ

Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist

Zodiac: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Instagram: @hven_0722

Weibo: Wenhan

Nationality: Chinese

UNIQ’s Wenhan’s Facts


Just by reading his general profile above, it doesn’t mean you know him well. Therefore, to get closer to him, you have to know all about his interesting facts. So, we provided information about UNIQ’s Li Wenhan’s facts below for you to know. Let’s check it out!

  • Li Wenhan’s specialties are playing the guitar and swimming.
  • Li Wenhan really loves swimming. He first started swimming when his father taught him and introduced him to the sport.
  • Li Wenhan is a former winner of the Hangzhou Junior Swimming Competition.
  • When Li Wenhan was in high school in the US, he auditioned for Yuehua Entertainment and became a trainee there.
  • Meat is Li Wenhan’s favorite food.
  • Li Wenhan can speak Korean and English.
  • Li Wenhan loves dogs.
  • Li Wenhan’s favorite movie genres are comedy, sci-fi, horror, and action.
  • Li Wenhan is a sports lover, and he likes basketball, running, bowling, tennis, and swimming.
  • Li Wenhan was a contestant on Idol Producer Season 2 and gained 1st placed and debuted with UNINE.
  • In April 2013, Li Wenhan appeared on television in a diving reality show that aired nationally on JSTV.

UNIQ’s Wenhan’s Pre-Debut


As previously written, before Wenhan debuted with UNIQ, he had already appeared on a television variety show that aired nationwide on JSTV to compete in a diving reality show. We could say he was an athlete in his pre-debut days. Below, we have provided his pre-debut photos from when he appeared on the television program along with his other pre-debut photos!


From the photos above, Wenhan really looks like a professional swimmer!


Meanwhile, the two last photos are from Wenhan’s trainee days with UNIQ and his childhood photo. He looks so cute!

UNIQ’s Wenhan’s Acting Debut


Two years after debuting with UNIQ, Li Wenhan started to build his career in acting. At first, he was a cast of the Korean talk show Ni Hao China and talked about China’s economics, culture, lifestyle, and more, and it aired from April to August 2016. Then, there was tension and disharmony between South Korea and China, so Wenhan became more active in his homeland.


In that year, he got an offer to be cast in a historical drama as Prince Li JingYu from the Tang Dynasty era. His first drama was released in July 2018 and aired on Youku. The drama’s name is Hot Blood Academy (My Naughty Classmates). Prior to that, he also starred in a Chinese romantic drama entitled MBA Partners in 2016 as a deliveryman.

UNIQ’s Wenhan’s Dramas


Compared to being a singer, UNIQ’s Wenhan is more successful in acting. Until now, Wenhan has starred in many Chinese dramas and movies. Here is a list of some dramas that he starred in!

  • Sm:)e as Shu Zan (2018)
  • My Naughty Classmates as Prince Li JingYu (2018)
  • Chasing Ball as Yun Gao Yang (2019)
  • Adventurous Romance as Liu Xing Yu (2019)
  • Brilliant Girls as Man You-B (2021)

UNIQ’s Wenhan’s Stage Performance


Fancam is a popular term among K-pop fans. This term is actually a video that is recorded by fans or TV shows and then uploaded on YouTube or social media. Fancams are divided into two, namely group fancams and individual member fancams or better known as a focus fancam.

UNIQ’s fans also do the same thing, including Wenhan’s fans. We have some of Wenhan’s focus fancams that you should watch. Check them out!

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