From Stellar’s Jeonyul to Fiestar’s Jei: Here Are Underrated Girl Group Members You Should Know!


These Underrated Girl Group Members Are Worth Getting To Know!

Whenever there is a group, there is always a person who stands out an is very well-liked. On the other hand, there is also always someone who just doesn’t get the amount of love and attention they deserve, a.k.a. the underrated members of a group.

In this article, we have a list, and if you want to know about the members who deserve to get more attention and love like the other members of their group, keep reading as I talk about different groups and members below!

Stellar’s Jeonyul

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Jeon Yoo-ri, known as Jeonyul, is a former member of Stellar. She left the group because when her contract ended on August 30, 2017, it didn’t get continued. When she was in the group, she held many positions, such as main dancer, main rapper, vocalist, and maknae.

Isn’t she very talented? It’s rare to find an idol who can hold as many positions as her. You can see all of her talents in this video below!

After School’s E-Young


E-young is really such a talented female idol; she’s really unbelieveable. How can this pretty human being be so very talented in the music industry? She can play the guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, flute, cello, clarinet, trumpet, violin, and the harp. She also has won over 30 awards for singing, dancing, piano, and cello playing.

She once composed a piano line for her group’s song titled “Time’s Up”, and she’s skilled in popping, locking, and ballet. Now you guys can understand what I said before, right? Her skills aren’t a joke. She really deserves all the awards she gets. 

You can see one of her talents below! Wow, she’s gorgeous with her electric guitar!

Hello Venus’s Lime


Besides holding several positions, as the main dancer, main rapper, and main vocalist of the South Korean girl-group, Hello Venus, she is also a composer, choreographer, lyricist, and model.

Lime is also one of the members of Hello Venus who speaks English well. She has demonstrated the ability to speak English on various occasions, and many people have admitted that Lime does have very good English skills.

Watch this live performance of Wiggle Wiggle and Lime’s focus, here.

Lovelyz’s Yein


Jung Ye In is a maknae of the group Lovelyz. She really has a beautiful voice, it sounds like her voice is so precious. Besides that, Yein went on an exchange program to Canada for a month, and that made her the best English speaker in the group.

You have to listen her beautiful voice, below!

TWICE’s Dahyun


Dahyun is the third-youngest member, only a tad older than Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. Dahyun was only 16 years old when she debuted with TWICE in 2015, which is, honestly, so impressive.

Besides all of the normal skills that she has, like the other idols, that make the fans fall in love with her, there is a new level of her skill that makes netizens very impressed with Dahyun. She has taken her camera-finding skill to a horrifying new level. Whether it be the paparazzi or hard-to-find cameras on stage, Dahyun never misses a moment to pose for the camera and make fans swoon with her charms.

You can watch a compilation of Dahyun’s camera-finding skills below.

Momoland’s Daisy


Daisy, who has the real name Yoo Jung Ahn, is a former JYP trainee. She almost joined Sixteen (the survival show which formed the group Twice), but she left JYP before the show began.

And, now, in her group, Momoland, she holds the positions of main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist. Daisy lived in Canada for 11 years, which is why she’s also fluent in English.

Prepare your heart to listen and watch to her awesome rap skill below.

CLC’s Seunghee


Seunghee is the leader and main vocal of the group, and has good producing skills like lyrics-writing and composing. She’s also really good at playing the piano.

You guys better prepare yourself to fall in love with her after watching this video, below!

Have you decided who you’ve fallen in love with after reading this article? Shout out her name in the comments, below!