Profile of GFriend’s Umji (Age, Birthday, Height, and Facts)


GFriend’s Lovely Maknae, Umji

Have you listen to GFriend’s great songs? GFriend has always been very popular, even right when they first debuted. The group consists of 6 energetic and bubbly girls, and Umji is GFriend’s youngest member. Umji has transformed into beautiful young lady now, even after all those nasty comments from netizens about her looks. She works harder now, and tried to gain more confidence after everything that happened. Now, we want to give you more information about this lovely girl’s profile, and facts so that you can get to know more about her, and give her the love she deserves.

Profile of GFriend’s Umji


Real Name: Kim Yewon (김예원)
Stage Name: Umji
Birtday: August 19th 1998
Birth Place: Incheon
Zodiac Sign: Leo / Tiger (lunar year)
Height / Weight: 163,8cm / 45kg
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents, one older brother, Kim Bogeun (김보근), and one older sister Kim Jiwon (김지원)
Education: Shinsong Middle School, School of Performing Arts Seoul
Religion: Christian
Position: Sub vocals, maknae (youngest member)
Hobbies: Cooking, watching the sky in the morning, window shopping

Facts About GFriend’s Umji

  • The CEO of Source Music saw Umji on the street, and invited her to Source Music’s audition.
  • Umji and Yerin share the same birthday, but Yerin is 2 years older than Umji.
  • Umji is a big fan of Disney and she likes singing along to Disney movies’ OSTs. Her favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
  • Umji has natural double eyelids.
  • Umji likes to collect cosmetic products.
  • Umji is one of the best GFriend members at speaking English.
  • Her stage name means “thumb” in Korean.
  • Umji is close to Jeon Somi.
  • Umji is a fan of Sunmi, and she even danced to Gashina on Weekly Idol once.
  • Umji said that her ideal type is actor Cha Taehyun.
  • Umji hates bugs, dust, and sports.
  • Umji went to King of Masked Singer as “Pheasant”.
  • Umji is the “Consultant” of GFriend.
  • Umji likes walking in the garden alone.

GFriend Member Umji’s Rich Family


Every idol comes from a different family background, but Umji came from a wealthy family. Her father is the president of the Yeonsu branch of the S Moa Dentists Group. It said to have around 40 branches nationwide, and employs more than 200 dentists. Rumor has it that Umji’s father is also one of the original founding members of S Moa Dentists Group. That’s why netizens said Umji’s family is the wealthiest one among GFriend members. And now we know why Umji’s teeth are so clean ^^;

GFriend Member Umji’s Brother


Umji has an older brother named Kim Bo Geun that has been serving in the Marines as a seargeant. Umji’s brother appeared on KBS2 TV’s Idol and Family National Singing Contest‘s lunar new year special on February 9th, 2016. On that show, He sang a song with Umji and gained lots of compliments from the audience for having a good voice, good looks, and being so supportive of his sister. He revealed that he decided to come on the show while he was on vacation just to support his little sister. Aww~ Umji is so lucky to have this caring guy as her brother, right? ^^

Umji’s Songs


Although Umji is not GFriend’s main or lead vocalist, Umji has released solo songs too. Umji once lent her voice to the MBC drama Shopaholic Louis’s OST in 2016. Umji sang a song entitled The Way. Umji showed her vocal ability through this song. You guys should check it out too ^^

GFriend Member Umji’s English Skills


Umji is one of the GFriend members with advanced English skills, along with Yuju. It was a shock for K-Pop fans that she spoke English so well that she even started to introduce her group in English as early as their debut, even though she was so young back then, and she was born and raised in Korea. Umji revealed that she went to an English preschool, and she likes singing Disney songs because she is a big fan of Disney, so that’s how she learned English. There are so many videos of her speaking English, but I will recommend the one where GFriend went to Los Angeles for One Fine Day, and Umji was the one who ordered all the food for her group members at In-N-Out. Her English skill are unbelievable.

So that’s all information you need to know about GFriend’s lovely maknae, Umji. She is one interesting and hardworking girl, and people should not give her so much hate she does not deserve. From now on, please give this young lady more love, attention, and nice comments~