All About ‘I’m Not a Robot’ Actor Um Ki-joon: Profile, Wife, Social Media, and Drama List

Um Ki-joon

On-screen and Musical Actor, Um Ki-joon

Um Ki-joon is an actor from South Korea, who is also famous for being a musical actor. He made his acting debut on the stage with the play Richard III, in 1995. The following year, he appeared on the stage again in the musical Oliver. At his early acting career, Um Ki-joon was focused on his musical career. He was cast in various plays, namely Gwanggaeto The Great (1998), Tripitaka Koreana (1999), Singin’ In The Rain (2001), The Sorrows of Young Werther (2002), Grease (2003), Assassins (2005) and many more.

In 2006, Um Ki-joon made his acting debut on the small screens in the KBS2 Drama City “Who Loved Her?” His first television series, however, was MBC’s Kimchi Cheese Smile (2007) where he played the role of a student who failed his test 10 years ago and became an announcer. He won the Excellence Award in the category Actor in a Sitcom Comedy at the 2007 MBC Entertainment Awards. In 2008, he was cast for the television series Worlds Within (2007) and co-starred with Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo.

Um Ki-joon

In 2010, Um Ki-joon was cast for the popular series Dream High. He acted as a teacher at Kirin High School, where some of his students have a dream of becoming K-pop idols. His students in the drama include Bae Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, Ok Tac-yeon, Ham Eun-jung, Jang Woo-young, and IU. The series was popular among teenagers and had viewership ratings in the range between 18% and 20%. The same year, Um Ki-joon made his big-screen debut with the film Man of Vendetta (2010). The film tells the story of a pastor who attempted to save his kidnapped daughter. Um Ki-joon’s acting skills in this film brought him the nomination for Best New Actor in a Film at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2011.

Um Ki-joon

Some of the television series where Um Ki-joon plays the role of the leading character are Scent of a Woman (2011), Phantom (2012), The Virus (2013), Golden Cross (2014), The Man In The Mask (2015), Innocent Defendant (2017), and I’m Not a Robot (2017). In Innocent Defendant (2017), Um Ki-joon played two characters, those of twin brothers, successors of the Chamyung Group who have quite different personalities. His superb acting skills won him the Character of the Year Award at the 2017 SBS Drama Awards. In I’m Not a Robot (2017), Um Ki-joon became a world-renowned genius, a robotics professor who is the creator of the most advanced humanoid robot named Aji 3.

Um Ki-joon’s Profile

Um Ki-joon

Name: Um Ki-joon (엄기준)

Date of birth: March 23, 1976

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Seoul National University of Fine Arts and Music Performing Arts Dept. Musicals Dept.

Talent Agency: SidusHQ

Instagram: @werther777


Um Ki-joon’s Relationships

Um Ki-joon is possibly single at this time because there is no news or rumors about his relationships.

Um Ki-joon and Super Junior's Kyuhyun

In 2015, there was a rumor that Um Ki-joon was in a romantic relationship with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. The two of them were starring together in the same musical, Robin Hood (2015). Actor Lee Gun-myeong who was in the same musical revealed that Um Ki-joon and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun were often going out to drink late at night and misunderstood their relationship. However, the rumor was not true. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun said that Um Ki-joon sent him a text and told him about the rumor. He then jokingly replied and called ‘Honey’ only to be cussed out by Um Ki-joon.