Did Uhm Jung-hwa Undergo Plastic Surgery? Look at Her Before-and-After Shots!


Meet The Senior Actress Uhm Jung-hwa. Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Uhm Jung-hwa is a veteran actress, singer, and dancer, not to mention a designer, who was born on August 17, 1969 in Jecheon. She started her career way back in 1992 in a movie titled Marriage Story and later that same year, she released her first studio album Sorrowful Secret. Throughout her career, she has played in 21 dramas, 22 movies, and 10 studio albums.

Seeing her short biography above we can clearly see that she is indeed a big star in the Korean industry. We all know that the Korean entertainment industry is very strict when it comes to appearance, not only to the female artists but also to the male artists as well. In addition to her well-known talents, Uhm Jung-hwa is also known for her beauty. Despite her age, she looks much younger than you might expect. That’s why many people envy her goddess-like appearance.

Not only has she become a star in movies, dramas, and music, but Uhm Jung-hwa has also modeled in many beauty commercials because of her beautiful face. Even so, she is rumored to have gone under the knife. Did she really have plastic surgery? We know everyone’s appearance changes as they grow older, but a quick look online makes it seem like Uhm Jung-hwa’s gone through some pretty big changes in her life!

Photos of her face from different times in her life have surfaced on the Internet, and became a hot topic among K-netizenz.


Despite what appear to be some obvious changes in her appearance, the actress has never brought this topic up or said anything about this. What do you think: has Uhm Jung-hwa undergone plastic surgery, or she is just an inborn goddess who becomes more beautiful with every passing year?