Diet Tips: This Is How Uee Lost Her Weight

Get to Know More About Uee

Uee is Kim Yoo-jin’s stage name. She debuted as an idol as one of the members of After School. Uee was a member of After School starting in 2009, and graduated in 2017. Aside from being a member of After School, she also works as an actress, an MC for a music show, and has been a guest on various variety shows.

Idols and celebrities have to keep themselves looking good, and a beautiful face with a proportioned body is everyone’s dream. Uee is no exception. When she first debuted she wasn’t super-slim, and some people even referred to her as a chubby idol, but she found a way to slim down quickly.

Uee’s Diet Tips

What sort of diet Uee used has become a  topic of discussion among netizens. On an SBS TV show, Night of TV Entertainment, Uee told people about how she lost weight, using a diet called the 1000 kcal diet.

Uee always packs her own lunch. One of the things she’d bring with her was a drink she prepared, using any type of whole grains, such as black beans, wheat, rice, or soy milk, and then she would add honey for a little sweetness. As for lunch, she’d bringt a box of rice, tofu with dried bonito, and chicken breast salad.


The diet has a lot flexibility about menu choices, but the important thing is to always calculate the calories. Uee said that she only ate salads a whole day to keep her feeling full. By avoiding junk food, she would eat other, healthier food. When she wanted to eat something, she’d always count the number of calories each meal, with a maximum of 1000 calories a day. When you follow this diet, you might not feel too hungry, even though it’s only half the recommended daily calorie count.

Just like the lunch she revealed on the program, it can not exceed 1000 Kcal. When added together, the rice box only contained 150 Kcal, grain drink contained 110 Kcal, and chicken breast salad 205 Kcal. The various foods that she brought were not up to a total of 1000 Kcal.

In addition to the diet, Uee was also exercising. To keep her thighs toned, she does squats every day. After learning that she got the nickname ‘honey thighs’ on the KBS Program 1vs.100, she said that besides doing squats, she’s also very fond of sports and as a result, keeps her body looking glorious with her famous S-line and an athletic and healthy body.