Uee vs Nana: Who’s More Popular in After School?

Nana was Jealous of Uee?

As time goes by, with After School currently on an indefinite hiatus, fans have wondered if there was any rivalry between the two, to begin with. In an interview during the press tour for a movie she is starring in, Nana revealed that at first she was jealous of Uee, due to the fact that Uee got a head start in acting before she did. She stated that during the time she was busy with Orange Caramel, Uee had already started acting, giving her an advantage in getting better roles and also improving her acting skills.

Nana further explained that she had been expressing her interest in acting for a while to the company, but was directed to focus on Orange Caramel first. At the time she still went to acting classes and auditioned on her own, but the results were worse than she hoped. Even when she first really took acting classes seriously, she was knocked down by her trainers words, as the trainer questioned her motivation and made remarks about Nana not even knowing the basics of acting. All that negativity, though, only pushed her to do better and practice a lot more. Even though she was not given any big roles or opportunities at first, she kept on practicing and finally reached her goal of starring in dramas and movies. You could say that her jealousy really brought out the best in her and made her strive to work twice as hard.

The rumor died down after her interview but, in 2017, an After School pseudo-reunion raised questions about Uee relationship with her fellow members. In 2017, the members, sans Uee, met up to celebrate Raina’s birthday with dinner and drinks. Various members uploaded their selfies and other pictures of them celebrating and having fun. The caption of the pictures included hashtags such as #RainaBirthday, #7thMay, #AfterSchool, and others, raising questions about members who were unable to attend.


It was came out later that, in fact, Uee was unable to come due to her schedule of filming for the drama Marriage Contract. As the drama is one that’s different from the typical 16-episode format, Uee had to work long hours for shoots and possibly re-shoots. This did not hinder fans and netizens from questioning her absence, with comments such as “I doubt Uee would stay in the group and continue her career as an idol. Her career as an actress is hitting its peak. She better just focus on her acting.”, and “There’s a rumor that Uee and Nana’s relationship is quite rocky and they don’t like to be in the same room.” So what do you think of their relationship? Comment down below!

Nana’s Instagram

Nana is active on instagram under the username jin_a_nana, check out her posts down below!

As seen above, some of the posts she makes are to promote brands that she currently works with as an endorser, such as Missha. In the post above, she is announcing a fan meeting that she will be having with Missha, hoping to see fans up close and personal.


Nana also posts from behind the scenes from her drama shoots, documenting her daily life and thanking her fans for their support. The post above thanks her dedicated fans for sending in a coffee truck to her set.


Not only that, Nana also posts her support for fellow label-mates, such as Seventeen. She simply posted a picture of their album cover for Home, promoting their most recent comeback to her fans and followers.

Uee’s Instagram

Uee was once active on instagram under the username uieing8849, but after her dating scandal with Kangnam back in 2017, she has since deleted her account. Prior to the deletion, Uee had apologized for causing confusion through a post on her instagram, denying the rumor when it first surfaced, before additional pictures were posted by Dispatch. Meanwhile, Dispatch revealed photos of the couple embracing in front of Uee’s home, making the rumor undeniable. After the release of Dispatch’s photos, Uee’s agency admitted through an official statement that the two celebrities had, indeed, started to date recently.

Nonetheless, fans accused UEE of lying before additional evidence of her relationship with Kangnam was published. As the public swayed towards a negative outlook, Uee once again apologized through her instagram account, addressing her initial denial of the relationship. Her full statement of apology read, “I posted out of panic at the sudden reports that divulged my relationship of three months. I apologize once again. To be precise, we started to grow fond of each other only recently, so I posted [the denial] out of worry that it might affect Kangnam and the drama team. I apologize for uploading without much thought. This incident has helped reassure our feelings for each other, and we will continue to date well. Thank you and sorry once again!!” With that, Uee deleted her instagram.

Latest News of Uee and Nana

On to more recent news. Nana is going to star in the OCN drama, Kill It. The drama is an action drama about a veterinarian who hides his past of being a killer and a detective chasing after a serial killer. Nana is playing the part of Do Hyun-jin, a detective at a regional investigation unit who graduated at the top of her police academy class. Her character is an elite detective with a firm gaze that seems as if it can penetrate the essence of any case. 

About the character, Nana commented, “The mix of a detective and killer was fresh and interesting. I’m curious to see how the tension, which can be felt from even the script, will be portrayed in the drama. I think a genre coated with OCN’s unique color will be created.” She revealed, “Although Do Hyun Jin is more persistent, passionate, and cool-headed than anyone when she is investigating a case, she has a warm heart that seeks to support those who are alienated from others. Because this is a character I haven’t shown before, I’m working hard to portray her in a familiar and friendly manner.” 

Nana discussed concerns while filming her scenes, as she asked details about her character from director Nam Sung Woo, and paid particular attention to her pronunciation exercises in order to properly convey information about various incidents in the drama. Nana also commented, “The atmosphere on set was so relaxed and enjoyable that I became closer to the actors much more quickly, and the time to get to know one another also decreased.

During the same press conference, reporters asked Jang Ki-yong, Nana’s co-star, about his impression of her while working, and he had this to say, It’s been really great. We’ve become much more comfortable around each other and closer since we first met. We have a lot of scenes that are rough and tiring, but the energy on set is great and helps fuel us. We’ll work harder to show even better chemistry as the drama progresses.

Nana agreed with her co-star, stating, Jang Ki-yong is very thoughtful and is open to other opinions. The atmosphere on set is so great that we became friends very quickly, and that’s helped us in our work, as well. Our chemistry is so great that I’m excited to see how it translates into the drama.

Not only that, staff behind the scenes of the drama also chimed in with, Jang Ki-yong and Nana are showing amazing chemistry that continues to grow on location. Though there are many things they have to keep tabs on, they are really enjoying their time filming the drama.”

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While Nana has been preparing for her first lead role in a drama, Uee has been acting up a storm with her regular drama series My Only One, which tells a story of a woman whose life gets twisted after her dad appears for the first time in 28 years. Her father, who had to live while hiding his identity, meets a life partner and finds hope to live. Uee stars in the drama as Kim Do-Ran, a bright and positive woman who suddenly has her father reappear in her life after years of absence.

While on air, KBS2’s My Only One was noted as the most buzzworthy drama for two weeks in a row. Not only that, Uee ranked no.9 on the list of most buzzworthy actresses for that month of airing. With just one week left until the finale of the show, KBS’s My Only One broke multiple records with regard to its rating, with most of it breaking its own personal best record in viewership ratings. According to statistics released by Nielsen Korean on March 11, the episode that aired on March 10 scored nationwide viewership ratings between 44.1 percent and 49.4 percent, breaking the drama’s previous record of 46.2 percent. 

While it is still noted at 49.4 percent nationwide, some regions have also reported ratings which reached the 50 percent mark, making it the first drama to reach 50 percent ratings since the drama, Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, in 2010. Ratings in Daejeon peaked at 49.8 to 56.3 percent, while Daegu and Gumi were at 47.7 to 54.2 percent, and Busan was at 48.4 to 54 percent. The average ratings of Seoul and the surrounding metropolitan area, Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Daegu and Gumi were recorded at 47.2 to 51.2 percent. My Only One will be officially crowned once it reaches 0.6 percent above its current nationwide rating, becoming the first drama to reach 50 percent in nine years.

The reason behind its popularity is its relatable and humbling storyline, which involves a multitude of heartwarming characters. Though initially set to air for 100 episodes, it has received a six-episode extension and will now conclude on March 17. The production staff has released a statement regarding its extension, reading, “As we have decided to extend the drama by six episodes, we are doing our best to create a more plentiful and complete story and to successfully conclude the drama. Please give a lot of interest to ‘My Only One,’ which will convey deep images and emotion until the end.”

So what do you think of Uee and Nana’s careers and popularity? Who do you think is the winner of their popularity battle? Which parts are better than the other? Who do you think will overtake the other in the years to come? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below!