Uee vs Nana: Who’s More Popular in After School?


After School’s Top Two Visuals Battle It Out!

After School is a girl-group that debuted in 2009, and who promoted under Pledis Entertainment. The group originally debuted with five members but subsequently added in several new members, with their biggest lineup reaching eight members. Two of the most well-known members from After School are Nana and Uee, both of whom have successfully established their careers outside the group while still promoting as part of it. Whether they’re acting, modeling or making variety show appearances, the two seem to always be around and about.

Uee, the older of the two, was part of After School’s first wave of new members after their debut. She was added during the second promotions and served as the youngest member for a little while. She always had a very bright and charming vibe, something most people call girl next door charm.

Nana, on the other hand, was added later on in the group’s career. She is younger than Uee, but was known mostly for her cold, city-girl charm. She is endlessly alluring with her fox eyes and blonde hair, attracting both international and domestic fans. So which of the two is the most popular? Let’s take a look at several aspects of their careers so far to determine which one rises above the other!

Uee vs Nana: Visual Battle

As we all know, Nana and Uee are both very gorgeous girls who happen to also possess the height of the average model. It is to no ones surprise that they have both been asked to be models in some magazine photoshoots throughout their career. Let’s check out some of their photoshoots below!

Uee’s Photoshoot

Below are some of the photoshoots Uee has done for the magazine, Singles. The two photoshoots below are definitely more on the commercial side, highlighting her girl-next-door charm and her sweet looks. She pulls off a lot of very simple items, such as a simple patterned dress, a white shirt, and a t-shirt and jeans combo. You can definitely fall for her comfortable and stylish looks.


Nana’s Photoshoot

As opposed to Uee, who rocks the girl next door looks, Nana’s photoshoots lean more towards the high-fashion and editorial spreads. As seen below, she has done some solo photoshoots for the magazine Singles, rocking silver-white hair. The looks she rocks are also mostly monochrome, with interesting cuts and patterns, highlighting the edginess that she possesses. Other than that, she has also been featured in a hairstyle magazine alongside Lee Jong-suk, highlighting their similar features.


Uee vs Nana: Singing Skill

Even if After School’s mostly known to use Raina as their main vocal, that’s not to say that the other members can’t sing. Let’s take a look at Uee and Nana’s singing abilities!

Uee’s Singing

One of Uee’s singing gigs was in 2012, when she had a special stage with her then-co-MC, and now co-star, Jang Woo. The two sang a rearranged version of Black Eyed Peas’ Time of My Life. The performance not only highlighted Uee’s singing, but also her cool dance moves. Check out the performance, above!

Nana’s Singing

When Orange Caramel guested on Weekly Idol, Doni and Coni made all the members sing and show off their talents. This led to Nana singing Monday Kiz’s Footsteps, showing off her light and airy tones. In another corner, she also revealed her love for trot music. She revealed that even during her audition at Pledis, she auditioned with a trot song and sang a little for the MCs.

Uee vs Nana: Acting Career

This is where it really goes down between the two, as both Uee and Nana have now both transitioned to a career in acting. So let’s take a brief look at the roles that made them the breakout stars that they are today!

Uee’s Drama

Uee has starred in various dramas in the time that she’s been promoting, but nonetheless her breakout could be pinpointed to her starring in the drama Hogu’s Love. She plays the character Do Do-hee, a national athlete who is the star of Kang Ho-goo’s dreams and former school classmate. They found their way back together during a school reunion, while she hid the fact that she was pregnant. The drama was quite well received for the fact that the themes brought up were very new and fresh, although as time goes by, Uee has been criticized quite a bit for her acting.

Nana’s Drama

Nana isn’t known to have been in a lot of dramas, but she has previously expressed her interest in acting, and after she had done promotions with Orange Caramel, she was finally able to take part in her breakout role on the drama, The Good Wife. In The Good Wife, Nana takes on the role of Kim Dan, an MJ Law Firm researcher who holds many secrets and works alongside the main character, Kim Hye-kyung. Portrayed by Nana, the character’s presence and charisma certainly does not pale, even in the scenes where she had to face actress Jeon Do Yeon head-on.

Uee vs Nana: Fashion

As with their personalities and charms, their personal style is quite different from one another, so let’s take a look at Uee and Nana’s personal fashion looks.

Uee’s Fashion

Playing off of her fresh and innocent charm, Uee’s style is very simple and laid-back, with her love for jumpers and t-shirt/jeans combos. It definitely reflects her personality and it’s the comfortably stylish look she is most known for.


Nana’s Fashion

Nana, on the other hand, dresses simply, but in a very chic and edgy manner. She rocks a t-shirt/jeans combo with a fur jacket on top, a chic dark blue coat over a white button-down and a knit-leather jacket that throws people off their expectations. Her fashion is playful and charming, and all of her personality wrapped into one.