Old Flame: The Details About Uee and Kangnam’s Past Relationship and Why They Broke Up

Their Love Bloomed in The Law of the Jungle, Here is What the PD Says

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On Thursday, July 18th, 2017, the PD of Law of the Jungle was invited to a show called One Night of Entertainment. At that moment, he explained UEE and Kangnam’s relationship. Surprisingly, because of their dating news, Law of the Jungle got a high rating!

He says “After their dating rumor was released I called both Kangnam and UEE right away. I said ‘That time I picked you guys up but then you guys came back and brought some new partner’ while joking. Kangnam then messaged me to say thank you.”

Next, the PD told the story of how UEE fell in love with Kangnam, “Someone had to face an extreme situation in the forest.” He then explained, “I’m sure at that time UEE saw Kangnam’s real character. He (Kangnam) was a great person to take care of someone else, really funny and cool. There were many difficulties that they faced but both of them succeeded in nurturing their love.”

By hearing what the PD said, many fans and netters agreed. They wished all the best for the couple and hoped their relationship will be long-lasting.

After Three Months, UEE and Kangnam Officially Ended their Relationship?!

Only a few weeks after the news about their relationship broke out, it was reported that after three months of their relationship, they finally ended it. The news appeared on Thursday and the couple expressed it publicly through the media. Both of the artists’ agencies also issued an official clarification that UEE and Kangnam are back to being friends and co-workers only.


Yeorum Entertainment, as UEE’s agency, said, “Kangnam and UEE recently broke up. Both of them are focusing on their work and have naturally drifted apart. They decided to remain friends and to keep supporting each other.” And from Kangnam’s agency, RD Entertainment, a statement was issued that said: “It’s correct that Kangnam and UEE have recently broken up. The two of them became distant because of work.”

But some netizens speculated that there are other reasons behind UEE and Kangnam’s decision to break up. Here are three assumptions that the netizens have made:

1. Really Busy

It has actually already been said by both of their agencies on Thursday. Not because of a problem or another reason. Among these is UEE’s new drama shooting, Manhole, in mid-August.

2. Are not Able to Face the Public

Besides the official statements from the two agencies, there are other rumors about the reason for their break up. Such is the one that says that the two of them are not able to handle the burden of their relationship in the public eye so that’s why they decided to break up.

3. UEE’s Behavior

The last reason, speculated by the netizens is UEE’s behavior. So many of them have said that UEE is the main problem in the relationship with Kangnam. That whole matter started from UEE’s behavior, namely twice denying that she and Kangnam are dating.

Kangnam Opens Up About his Break Up with UEE


Kangnam expressed his feelings in a magazine interview, he says: “We are both busy with our dramas and it was a public relationship, we broke up because it was too burdensome. Personally, I’m not the type to hide it when I have a girlfriend and I thought it wouldn’t matter if we were found out by the media. However, when I thought of other the party it made me think it would be difficult. I feel apologetic.”

He also added some relationship matters, “It doesn’t matter which country she is from. If I feel that she is the one, I think I’ll marry her right away,” referring to his Korean-Japanese background. Then he continued, “I really like how people laugh when I talk to them. When I’m with a woman alone though, I feel awkward and I’m not able to be funny. It doesn’t matter if we are close friends but if we are not, I think I get a little sincere.”