Old Flame: The Details About Uee and Kangnam’s Past Relationship and Why They Broke Up


Uee’s and Kangnam’s Past Relationship

In Korea, dating news is considered to be a special thing and one of the most anticipated things that fans wait because, as you guys know, dating among the artists in Korea is somewhat of a taboo since fans are really strict about it. A lot of artists have tried to open up about their relationships to the public but it has often ended up bad as many of their fans have left them. However, there are some of them who are also willing to still support their favorite artists when they are dating someone.

There are other surprising dating news in the Korean Entertainment industry. This time, the news involves an actress and a former member of After School, UEE and Korean-Japanese singer Kangnam.

Let’s dig some more info about their relationship and how they ended it. Here we go!

How UEE and Kangnam Started their Relationship?

Before the media, especially Dispatch (it is a media outlet known to reveal Korean artists’ relationships), released the news about UEE and Kangnam dating, she and also her company, Yeorum Entertainment, denied the rumor at the first.

Earlier, the rumors alleged that UEE and Kangnam started dating after their appearance in Law of the Jungle in New Zealand. A representative from UEE’s label said, “UEE’s dating rumor with Kangnam is false. She is simply a close acquaintance of Kangnam.”

uee kangnam

UEE also released a statement on her Instagram to address the rumor personally. UEE uploaded a picture of the cover of her upcoming drama Manhole and wrote “Filming! I’m surely flustered by the sudden phone call~!! It’s true I became close with Kangnam oppa through The Law of the Jungle and got together with him for meals, and we all meet comfortably too~ But if you just assume that as dating, it makes me sad  ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Everyone!! If I actually find a romantic partner, I will let you know!! Right now I’m working hard!!!”

However, not long after that, Dispatch finally dropped a photo of UEE and Kangnam having an evening date on last July 8th, and they were captured on camera. According to Dispatch, Kangnam and a paid driver dropped UEE in front of her home that night. UEE got out of the car and bid Kangnam with his driver a goodbye then entered the front building of her house. But after that, Kangnam followed UEE inside briefly, then they exchanged a hug as they said their second goodbye.

Here are some of the pictures that Dispatch captured of the couple, after their evening date. What do you guys think? Are the two of them dating, or they are just friends that were just hanging out together?

uee kangnam
uee kangnam
uee kangnam
uee kangnam

After the photo was released publicly, UEE’s agency, Yeorum Entertainment, stepped up again with a statement, “We do not know under what circumstances the paparazzi’s photo was taken, but they are absolutely not dating. We confirmed with UEE multiple times and she definitely said no. If they are truly dating, we have no reason to hide it… Regarding the paparazzi photos, we will release another statement hereafter.”

Two Times Denied the Rumor, Agency Finally Admitted!

Four hours after UEE and Kangnam’s dating rumor was denied twice, UEE’s agency confirmed the news was true. The same thing happened with Kangnam’s agency: they released a short clarification.

“(UEE and Kangnam) just recently began dating with romantic feelings and are in the beginning stage. So we are being careful with the sudden reports. To be considerate of the other side, we denied the rumors at first but after discussing the matter with both sides, we decided to come forward with it,” says Yeorum Entertainment.

Kangnam’s agency also released their thoughts, “It’s true that (Kangnam) is dating UEE. We have no comments previously to be considerate of the other side.”