The Story of Jun: Active U-KISS Member Who Re-Debuted as a UNB Member

Jun’s Debut and Activity with U-KISS

ukiss jun profile

U-KISS may be one of the K-Pop idol groups that often dismantle members. Most recently, they announced that they had added one more member. This was revealed by the U-KISS agency, namely NH Media, on May 15th, 2014. On that day, NH Media posted two photos of their newest member. One of the photos was taken from a photo session and the other with the U-KISS members.

NH Media commented on this new member: “The agency staff members deliberately released photos of the new members of U-KISS. As scheduled, the new members will join U-KISS’s comeback in June.”

ukiss jun profile

According to them, the new member is named Jun. According to information from the agency, Jun is a young man born in 1997 with a height of 185 cm. It was stated that Jun had a talent for singing and dancing.

Even NH Media seems to be praising this new member. They mentioned that Jun was talented enough to fill the vacant position Shin Dongho left in 2013. Management believes Jun can fill the void in U-Kiss after Dongho and AJ left. The 17-year-old member’s singing and dancing abilities were indeed stunning, so he was chosen to join the group whose name was well known and had many fans.

U-Kiss debuted in 2008 with six members. Several times U-Kiss has had member changes since the entry of Kiseop in 2010 and the departure of two members namely Alexander and Kibum in 2011. The agency also announced a few days in advance that member AJ chose to stay at Columbia University, United States to study.

Left by Dongho and AJ, U-Kiss got a new member named Jun. Later, Jun debuted as a new member of U-Kiss through their new album which was released in June 2014.

ukiss jun profile

The choice of birth in 1997 as a new member of a group that already has this name is certainly reasonable. The management chose Jun for his outstanding singing and dancing skills. Jun was selected through an audition conducted by NH Media in secret. “The public doesn’t know about this audition,” said the management in a recent interview. Of all the audition participants, Jun stood out the most. “His talent and face really attract the most attention. That’s why we chose him to be the new member of U-Kiss,” added NH Media.

Jun has a very strong desire to become a singer and appear on stage. Since childhood, he has dreamed of becoming a street dancer and practicing singing alone.

U-Kiss made a comeback in June 2014 with a new album. The group formation now consists of five members, namely Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, Hoon, and Jun.

U-Kiss’s Jun first started his career with the group by releasing their 9th mini-album titled Mono Scandal along with their single titled “Quit Playing” with a 19+ rated music video. Due to a comeback with an inappropriate concept, U-Kiss became a boy group that was temporarily banned from South Korean broadcasting which caused them to change the original dance routine because the choreography had too much sensual content.

ukiss jun profile

After making several comebacks with U-Kiss in 2014, Jun had the opportunity to perform in a Korean musical with his fellow member, Soohyun, and made an appearance in RUN TO YOU that was performed at Tokyo Zepp Blue Theater from June 26th to July 5th, 2015.

U-Kiss’s Jun also got another chance to collaborate with U-Kiss’s Soohyun by releasing Soohyun’s Japanese solo single titled “I’ll Be There”, a song that was released on July 19th, 2017. On this occasion, U-Kiss’s Jun was present in Soohyun (from U-Kiss) First Solo Live 2017 With Jun, which was the first solo concert held by U-Kiss members accompanied by a live band. The show was held in Osaka on July 23rd, 2017, and July 25th, 2017, in Tokyo also encore performance that took place on September 9th, 2017, in Tokyo, due to the large number of fans who came.

Jun’s Appearance in KBS’s The Unit

ukiss jun profile

It is undeniable that the name Jun from U-Kiss immediately became known thanks to his cool acting in the tvN drama Avengers Social Club. Naturally, the handsome idol producer looks at him to star in a new drama.

A number of media said that Jun had an offer to be the main actor in the MBC drama. However, the title and other information were not disclosed. NH EMG as the agency confirmed the news. Unfortunately, Jun refused the offer because he wanted to focus on The Unit. “It’s true we got a lot of drama offers, including from MBC, but we decided to reject their offer because of The Unit schedule,” said the agency representative.

Jun is one of the favorite contestants of the KBS idol recycling concept survival event. The owner of the real name Lee Jun-young has topped the ranking list for male contestants several times. Meanwhile, The Unit was soon in the final round. This survival event gave birth to two winning groups each consisting of 9 male and 9 female members.

ukiss jun profile

U-Kiss’s Jun finally accepted the offer as a contestant and auditioned for a survival program with the theme of the idol rebooting project, The Unit, where the program broadcasted several episodes with the concept of a survival show where the contestants are idols who have debuted as members of a boy group or girl groups and also some other trainees.

The Unit began broadcasting on October 28th, 2017, and Jun managed to get a Super Boot where he finished in 1st rank in the final episode and temporarily debuted with The Unit project boy group, UNB, starting from April 7th, 2018, until January 27th, 2019.