All You Need To Know About Tzuyu’s Rich Family: Parents, Brother, Etc.

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The Most Beautiful Face of TWICE, Tzuyu, and Her Family Surely Complete Here!

Who doesn’t know about Tzuyu? She is a member of the popular girl group TWICE. Tzuyu is the youngest member of TWICE from Taiwan, joined a survival show named SIXTEEN, then finally debuted. Her appearance is so natural and beautiful, setting her signature as an idol. Besides, Tzuyu’s parents have become a topic for the curious, so let’s get to know about Tzuyu’s family in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay reading!

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Family Is Actually Really Rich

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

This is going to be a comprehensive explanation to explain Tzuyu’s family, and yes, her family is considered rich. Tzuyu’s family has a big night market business that is so successful. The business was built long before Tzuyu debuted. It’s also said that Tzuyu’s family invested around 1.77 million USD in 3 hospitals in Taiwan.

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Father: A Successful Businessman

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

Tzuyu’s father is Chou Yi-cheng. He manages the night market business, and along with Tzuyu’s mother, he is also managing in plastic surgery market. Her mother didn’t always catch the spotlight compared to her father.

In the picture above, Tzuyu’s father is on the right side. Her tall height may be inherited from her dad. What do you think?

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Mother: An Owner of a Popular Medical Aesthetic Clinic

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

Tzuyu’s mother is Huang Yen-ling who is a successful businesswoman. She has a dermatology business and owns a popular medical aesthetic clinic in Taiwan. Her mother became the director of this aesthetic clinic. Moreover, she owns a café too that is already opening a second branch.

As someone that is passionate about medical beauty, Tzuyu’s mother expressed that the beauties of Tzuyu come from her because she is the model of beauty. Tzuyu’s mother really is a spontaneous and outspoken person. Besides, Tzuyu’s mother admitted that she has done many things to her face from Botox to hyaluronic acid and from her forehead to her lips.

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

When she was asked about her suggestion to make a facial correction to her daughter in one of the plastic surgery events, she answered that she is proud of her daughter since the beauty comes from her. Tzuyu’s beauty is sincere and natural, and her eyes are significant and pretty.

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Brother: A Private Person

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

Tzuyu has an older brother, yet her brother has never gone out in public. He is considered a private person. Eventually, in 2016, her brother even almost became a guest on the KBS variety show called We Are Siblings, but he canceled.

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

Some rumors said it was because of the nationality, but it is not. The representative already clarified that Tzuyu’s brother is hesitant about going on the show.

Tzuyu and Her Relationship With Her Family

tzuyu parents (mom and dad)

Tzuyu has a supportive family. Based on a Korean TV program, her family invested 2 billion won in a Korean corporation where Tzuyu was living and working. So lovely, right! Although Tzuyu has a busy schedule, her family is always there. Her mother also comes to Korea sometimes to visit her. Also, Tzuyu during the pandemic even visited Taiwan and spent time with her family. Check her updated activity on TWICE’s official Instagram.

That is all about Tzuyu and her parents in Taiwan. Keep supporting Tzuyu and send positive messages always. Don’t forget to give your thoughts and share them on Twitter!