Take a Look at TXT’s Yeonjun’s Similarity to BTS’ V and Several Other Idols


TXT’s Yeonjun and His Similarity with Other Idols

TXT or Tomorrow X Together, is a five-member South Korean boy-band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The group consists of members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. They debuted on March 4, 2019, with the EP The Dream Chapter: Star.

TXT has became a topic of public conversation because of their very cool performance. One of the members, Yeonjun, stole the attention of netizens because his face resembles that of other Korean idols. Yeonjun was the first member to be revealed, on January 10th, 2019. Want to know more about him and his similarity with other K-pop idols? Check this out!

TXT’s Yeonjun and BTS’ V’s Similiarity

As more people discover TXT, one of the members, Yeonjun, has been getting attention from netizens, especially BTS fans, ARMY, who say that Yeonjun has a face that looks like V, and they look like brothers. Now let’s see their similarity. Check this out!


First, you can see that the shape of Yeonjun and V’s faces look very similar, even their nose and lips are the same. When they smile, the two men look even more alike. Many say that Yeonjun and V are like brothers.


In fact, Yeonjun and V have even both had blue hair, although V had it first. After comparison, Yeonjun and V do look similar, even with blue hair. Their aura looks the same and is very handsome.


Yeonjun and V also a similar style of dress, with hats and black clothes. Even the hat models they use are the same. Their good looks are more like black and they look very similar in appearance.

TXT’s Yeonjun and BTS’ Jimin’s Similiarity

After being compared with V, Yeonjun is also compared to Jimin, and, in fact, they also have quite similar faces in various expressions. Some people have mentioned that Yeonjun’s face is like a combination of V and Jimin’s faces. Now, lets check their similarity!


As you can see, Yeonjun’s face is like a combination of V and Jimin’s faces. Yeonjun has the same nose and lip shape as V, and the same eye and jaw shape as Jimin. What do you think?


Although there is no specific comparison between Yeonjun and Jimin, many people say that if taken from a different angle, Yeonjun looks like Jimin.


Even with the same style, they look very adorable, right?

TXT’s Yeonjun and Yoo Ah-in’s Similiarity

Besides being compared to BTS members, Yeonjun was also compared to Yoo Ah-in, and was judged to have some similarities. That’s why many netizens have been talking about his resemblance to other idols.


And he is Yoo Ah-in.


Can you see the similarity? Although not very specific, but the shape of their faces looks the same. With the same lips and eyes, when viewed from certain angles, Yeonjun’s face, at a glance, looks like Yoo Ah-in.

TXT’s Yeonjun and Yoon Ji-sung’s Similiarity

Besides that, Yeonjun was also discussed because of his similarity with WANNA ONE member, Jusing. Yeonjun has a similar expression as Jisung, and, at first glance, they look like twins. Now, lets check the similarity!


And he is Jisung.


Don’t they look the same at first glance? The shape of their lips, nose, and eyes look the same even though the comparison is not too specific. But many say that Yeonjung and Jisung look the same.

TXT’s Yeonjun and Highlight’s Kikwang’s Similarity

Yeonjun is also said to resemble the member of HIGHLIGHT, Gikwang. On several occasions, netizens considered that Yeonjun had similarities with Gikwang, even though the details were not very similar.


And he is Gikwang.


Although there is no comparison in detail, at a glance Yeonjun’s face is the same as Gikwang’s, although not very similar, only the jaw and nose parts look the same.

TXT’s Yeonjun and Yoo Seung-ho’s Similiarity

Finally, Yeonjun has been the subject of much discussion by netizens because his face is judged to be the same as some Korean idols. Yeonjung is also considered to have similarities with Yoo Seung-ho. Now, let’s check their similarity!


And he is Yoo Seung-ho.


Well, what do you think? This comparison shows the face of Yeonjun and Seungho indeed has a resemblance, right? When viewed from the side, the shape of Yeonjun and Seungho’s face does look the same, even the shape of their lips and nose.

Yeonjun does have a very unique advantage compared to other idols because he has similarities with many Korean idols. Keep giving lots of support for Yeonjung and TXT.