TXT’s Soobin: Profile, Height, Look-Alike of Minhyuk of BTOB, Etc.

TXT’s Soobin’s Performances on Stage


We have seen the struggles of Soobin before he made a debut in TXT, even way before he became a trainee. We also have seen how great the boys performed their debut song, “Crown”. It has been over two years since their debut.

Do you think that they will remain the same as before? Of course not, TXT grows even bigger as time goes by. Soobin and the other members improved their skills in dancing, singing, and even rapping. Since the group doesn’t really have a fixed position, all of them try out different positions for each comeback.

So, let’s see the comeback songs that TXT have made throughout time on stage!

You are probably amazed by how cool TXT are on stage. All the members are performing amazingly together in sync. But since this is an article about Soobin, we have to focus on him more than the other members. So for now, please welcome the tallest K-pop idol in Big Hit Entertainment, Choi Soobin’s performances on stage!

What do you think of Soobin’s dancing, singing, and rapping skills? He’s really such a great performer, right?

TXT’s Soobin’s MCing with Oh My Girl’s Arin

soobin arin mc

Soobin is considered to be a great leader, singer, dancer, and rapper already. But do you know that he’s also MCing? As of July 20th, 2020, Soobin was chosen as the new MC for KBS’s Music Bank along with the maknae of girl group Oh My Girl, Arin. The two of them performed Oh My Girl‘s song, “Dolphin” as the introduction for their duo as MCs together.

The number of views for the video of Soobin and Arin’s dancing has hit over 20 million views and still increases each day. Just look at how powerful Soobin and Arin are as a duo.

Now let’s see how the two of them became the MCs and did some interviews for the idols who just made a debut or did a comeback in KBS’s Music Bank on Fridays.

Both Arin and Soobin did so well in interviewing their seniors and juniors in the K-pop industry. They were so professional and managed to make the idols feel at home while promoting their songs. Soobin and Arin are the best duo!

As “Dynamite” by BTS won in KBS’s Music Show and the group have finished their comeback promotions a long time ago, both Soobin and Arin are often alone on the stage after announcing BTS as the winner for that week’s episode. The two of them look so close and comfortable around each other.

However, there are people who didn’t like the fact that Arin is too close to Soobin. Even Arin is the older and the senior for Soobin, some people hate it if Arin leans on Soobin when she giggles or laughs. That’s why Arin tried to keep her distance from Soobin lately.

What do you think about Soobin and Arin as a duo? Let us know in the comment section, please.

TXT’s Soobin is a Look-Alike of BTOB’s Minhyuk

soobin minhyuk

Soobin is not only known for his undisputed skills as a performer, but also his stunning visual. Not to mention his tall figure, people fall in love with him even harder when they see his broad shoulders and tall body when he performs or just stands still. But Soobin is also known to be looking like someone.

Did you feel something when you saw Soobin for the first time?

Yep, it’s BTOB’s Minhyuk.


Soobin made his debut in 2019, while Minhyuk or Lee Minhyuk from BTOB made his in 2012 under Cube Entertainment. Minhyuk also has starred in some K-dramas and appeared in some reality shows. That’s why when Soobin appeared on TV for the first time, people were reminded of Minhyuk who was way older than him, even the same age as Soobin’s older sister.

soobin minhyuk

After the pictures of Soobin and Minhyuk spread online on social media and community forums, finally, Soobin and Minhyuk met each other after Minhyuk and BTOB4U made a subunit debut. This was also the time after Minhyuk finished his military enlistment.


Minhyuk, who couldn’t stop looking at Soobin, was really amazed by how the young boy looks so much like him. Soobin who is known as the tallest member of TXT turned out to be also taller than Minhyuk. But they do look like brothers when they stand next to each other like that.

What do you think of Minhyuk and Soobin’s resemblance? They sure do look alike, right?

TXT’s Soobin’s Hand Size

soobin hands

Not only he has great talent, but Soobin also actually has large-sized hands. Well, it’s probably not surprising since Soobin is madly tall, he’s 186 cm tall. That’s why his hands also bigger than any other TXT members’. But if we compare his hands to others’ hands, it is still shocking to see it.

Let’s see how big Soobin’s hands are in some pictures below.

soobin hands

It’s good to see how beautiful Soobin’s hands are, but it’s even better if we can actually hold his big hands, right? Oops, hehe.


We have reached the end of Soobin’s article where we talked about his pre-debut journey, trainee life, and even debut era. Soobin is such a talented boy and he grew, even more, better each day as a performer. Which of Soobin’s charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts about him in the comment section and spread some love for Soobin of TXT.