TXT’s Soobin: Profile, Height, Look-Alike of Minhyuk of BTOB, Etc.


Meet the Talented and Full of Charm Leader of TXT—Choi Soobin

The huge success of BTS has made K-pop spread even faster around the world. No wonder people are expecting so much from the next K-pop group debuted by BTS’s company, Big Hit Entertainment. People started to call them the little brother of BTS, which is also the 4th generation K-pop group from Big Hit Entertainment that wishes to have a huge success just like their hyungs.

TXT or TOMORROW X TOGETHER, the name of the boy group, made their debut in 2019. Even so, they have been talked about by people around the Internet even before they made their debut.

Just like that, in this article, we are going to talk about the boy group from the same company as BTS, TXT. But we’re not going to talk about the group as a whole. Instead, we will discuss the leader of the boy group. If you know how great RM or Kim Namjoon leads BTS, you must be curious about how the little brother of BTS is being led by this one idol.

It’s Choi Soobin from Tomorrow x Together or TXT.

Let’s learn more about Soobin the leader of TXT in the sections below!

TXT’s Soobin’s Profile


Full name: Choi Subin

Korean Name: 최수빈

Chinese Name: 崔秀彬

Stage Name: Soobin

Nickname: Oi, Sub, Ttokki (Rabbit), Giant Rabbit, The Wolf, Turtle, Master Soobin, Huening’s Mom, etc.

Birthplace: Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Birthday: December 5th, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Position: Leader, dancer, singer, rapper

Occupation: Singer, idol


  • Kyungsu Middle School
  • Ansan High School
  • Global Cyber University

Hobbies: Reading books, listening to music

Blood type: A


Family: Parents, older sister, older brother

Debut year: 2019

Revealed to the public: January 2019

Agency: Big Hit Entertainment

TXT’s Soobin’s Facts


Let’s see some facts about Soobin down below!

  • Soobin has a friendship ring with his middle school friends.
  • Soobin is the only introvert in TXT, even after he made a debut, his MBTI is still ISFP.
  • Soobin is a fan of BTS that’s why he applied for an audition in Big Hit Entertainment.
  • Soobin was so happy when he finally got to meet his bias in BTS which is Jin.
  • Even though he was handsome since young, Soobin has never received a cast business card from a K-pop agency.
  • Soobin joined Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee in March 2016.
  • Soobin said that the debut evaluation when he was a trainee was the hardest, even harder compared to after debut. It was the most memorable thing for him.
  • Besides singer, Soobin wants to be a psychotherapist. In college, he wants to apply for the Psychology department even though it seems hard. He also wants to be a cook.

TXT’s Soobin’s Pre-Debut


We have seen some basic info and interesting facts about Soobin. But let’s get back to the time when Soobin wasn’t the leader of TXT. You probably wonder how did Choi Soobin become Soobin the K-pop idol that we know from TV or the Internet? How did his parents let their youngest child leave the hometown for Seoul?

Don’t worry too much, let’s see the full story of Soobin from his pre-debut era, here!

soobin pre debut picture baby

Soobin was born with the name Choi Soobin or we can just call him by his given name, Soobin, which is also his stage name. Soobin was born and raised in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do. Soobin was born on December 5th, 2000. He spent his childhood and teenage years in Ansan. He lived in Ansan along with his parents and his older sister and brother. Soobin’s oldest sibling is his sister who was born in 1990, who is 10 years older than him, while his second sibling is his brother who was born in 1994.

In his home, Soobin is not only the youngest family member but he also has a huge age gap with his siblings. As a child, his older sister and brother took care of him so much. They accompanied him while playing in the playground. Soobin also said that his older siblings literally lifted and fed him a lot when he was little. If Soobin wanted to go to the raccoon café to see a raccoon, his brother would take him there. Soobin is really spoiled since he was so little while the other family members had grown up.


Even so, it didn’t stop Soobin to grow up to be a good child. When Soobin was younger, he didn’t dream of becoming a singer, he wanted to be a Korean teacher instead. That’s why he remembered the correct spelling really well. Even now, he uses certain words pretty well too and helps his members such as Huening Kai with Korean words.

Soobin started to dream of becoming a singer when he was in junior high school. Soobin went to the stage of a music festival along with his friends. They were dancing and singing on stage. At that time, people who watched them paid a lot of attention and appreciation. Soobin really enjoyed the vibe and it made him want to be on the stage again. Since then, he dreamed to be a singer.


With a huge will, Soobin started to take classes in singing and dancing. When he was ready, he recorded his action and sent the clip to the company. Unlike some other idols who just went to the audition, Soobin just emailed the company his clip along with his contact number and waited for the response. However, the company didn’t reach out for quite a long time.

Soobin almost thought that they didn’t accept him, but then he finally got a call. He passed the audition, after quite a long time of waiting. Since he was curious, he asked the staff who called him what took them so long to inform him. It turned out that Soobin put the wrong number, so the one that they called was the wrong number at first and it took time to find Soobin’s number.


That’s the story that took him to Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS. Soobin, who was still in high school at the time, should be proud of his achievement. But he didn’t want to brag. Instead, he was afraid that he will be kicked out of the company and didn’t make it. He asked his parents to keep it a secret and don’t tell anybody about the fact that he was a trainee at that time. Not even his close friends, not even neighbors.


Gladly, Soobin was included in the debuting team, which soon included him in the line-up of the upcoming boy group. It was so great that Soobin finally made it, knowing the fact that he had to leave his parents and high school for Seoul. But he didn’t just make it, he made it really big with Big Hit Entertainment.

TXT’s Soobin’s Debut


Soobin’s journey to be an idol was probably quite a ride. Soobin had to experience the ups and the downs of being a trainee. It even took him years before he finally got the good news that his group would make a debut soon. It took a lot of debut evaluations that he had to go through before he was qualified, not only to be a member, but also the leader of the group.

And finally, the long-awaited debut for Soobin came. In January 2019, Soobin was introduced to the public as one of the new members of TXT, the new boy group from Big Hit Entertainment. Soobin’s teaser photo and film were followed by the other members’ introductions.


With this, people started to get curious about the new boys from Big Hit Entertainment. The handsome visuals of the members were the first thing that caught attention. But it’s Big Hit Entertainment anyway, it’s the agency of BTS who made a huge success not only because of their handsome faces but also for their talent. So, people wondered how great the group TXT is.

And finally, after some teases to the public, Big Hit finally debuted the new boy group called TXT or Tomorrow x Together on March 4th, 2019, with the song titled “Crown”. Let’s see the music video of “Crown”, the debut song of TXT!

The members look playful and energetic. No wonder people fall for them easily. All of them have a stunning visual too. Can you imagine how shocked Soobin’s neighbors and friends must have been seeing his debut in TXT?

Anyway, let’s see the dance version of “Crown” by TXT to see how good Soobin is as a dancer.

What do you think of TXT’s debut era? Seeing from their concept, TXT seems a bit different from BTS although they are coming from the same company. What do you think about them?