TXT’s Beomgyu: Profile, Pre-Debut, Age, House, BTS’ Suga’s Neighbor, Etc.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Performances on Stage

We have seen the debut era of TXT. The boys have made more songs after their first mini-album. They also performed in some music festivals and have received many achievements. Now, let’s see how much the boys have improved on stage since they made their debut in March 2019.

TXT is a big hit just like their company’s name. Not only one or two members, but all of them show very good performances on each stage. But, seeing the performances of the five members probably makes us lose focus on Beomgyu. Well then, we have gathered some videos that only focus on Beomgyu’s performances down below!

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TXT’s Beomgyu’s House: BTS’s Suga’s Neighbor?


We talked a lot about how Beomgyu came from the same hometown as Suga from BTS. But actually, how close are Suga and Beomgyu’s houses? Well, Daegu is such a big city, there’s probably only a little bit of chance that they came from the same neighborhood… right?

So, to answer your curiosity, we tried to find where exactly in Daegu Suga and Beomgyu came from. We noticed that Beomgyu was born in Buk-gu, Daegu. And, it turned out that is also Suga’s birthplace. Wow, they actually came from the same neighborhood.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Beomgyu who is the junior of Suga from the same company had a chance to meet Suga in person and have a little chat. Beomgyu mentioned to his senior that he came from Daegu, too. It made the two have a deeper conversation about their hometown. As the conversation flowed, the two of them were shocked by the fact that they not only lived in the same neighborhood but also lived next to each other.

Beomgy shared this story with MOA, TXT’s fandom name, on VLive along with Soobin, and everyone was shocked by the fact that he was Suga’s neighbor. Soobin who was there was the representative of MOA and ARMY members who couldn’t believe that the world is actually that small.

Beomgyu also mentioned that the two of them didn’t know this fact before, and they were both shocked about how close their houses were in their hometown. Since Suga was born in 1993 and Beomgyu was born in 2001, there’s probably a huge gap between their generation and how they spent their free time in their hometown. But still, what a coincidence knowing that the two of them are big stars in K-pop from the same agency.


No wonder the two of them are so talented, their neighborhood produced real talents.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Viral Pet, Toto


Just like us, K-pop idols usually have a pet that was raised by them in their dorms or raised by their family in their home.

For example, Youngjae of Got7 has Coco, Daegal is the pet of NCT Dream’s Chenle, and BTS’s Taehyung or V has Yeontan as a pet. That’s all the names of idols who have pets in their dorms, meaning they raised them after becoming an idol. But, there are some idols who had pets way before becoming an idol. For example Lee Know of Stray Kids who raised cats in his home or Bang Chan of Stray Kids who has a dog named Berry in Australia.

As for Beomgyu, his pet was raised by him and his family before he debuted. Unlike other idols, his pet is not a cat, dog, turtle, or even a sugar glider. Instead, Beomgyu and his family raised a parrot. The name of the parrot is Toto. Beomgyu revealed this on TXT’s TMI on Mnet.

Since Toto lives in his house, Beomgyu who now lives with his members misses him a lot.


When he has a chance to go home, Beomgyu uses that chance to play with Toto. What a cute duo!


We have reached the end of this article about Beomgyu from TXT. Now we know how cute and talented Beomgyu is. Even when he was young, Beomgyu had a lot of talent to show the world, just like other idols who came from his hometown Daegu. Beomgyu is the next Daegu pride in K-pop! Which of Beomgyu’s charms do you like the most? Share your opinion and show how much you like Beomgyu!