TXT’s Webtoon ‘THE STAR SEEKERS’ Officially Released! Here’s the Theory and Character Names!

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Everything You Need To Know About TXT’s Webtoon!

In November 2021, HYBE announced that they would launch their new content in the form of a Webtoon and a web novel. They have 3 stories that give rise to their artists, first, they released 7FATES: CHAKHO by BTS (in January 2022), then DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR by ENHYPEN, and the last story is from TXT titled THE STAR SEEKERS.

So, what is the storyline? Who are the characters involved in it? You can find out the answers to all these questions and more about TXT’s Webtoon in the article below. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

TXT’s Webtoon THE STAR SEEKERS Release Date

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HYBE did a collaboration with Naver Webtoon and they released a Webtoon story that involves TXT. Through the Webtoon’s Twitter (THESTARSEEKERES_), on November 4th, 2021, they posted TXT’s poster with the Webtoon. Then, from January 2nd to January 16th, 2022, this account had been continuously sharing the photo concept ranging from group concept to individual photos. During the promotion, they announced the release date of this Webtoon, which was January 17th, 2022.

The webtoon is about five boys who gradually grow as idol singers, then they suddenly acquire magical powers which they wanted and get caught up in a struggle between powerful forces surrounding the destruction of the world. This story has a lot of fantasy elements such as spellbooks and summoning spells.

The full story will be uploaded gradually, one part a week every Monday. The Star Seekers not only will be available on Webtoon, but also on Wattpad. However, to unlock every part of the story, you have to purchase it with coins.

TXT’s Webtoon Teaser and Official Poster

txt webtoon poster

To attract the fans’ attention, they uploaded the official concept photo 2 that introduced five boys with the group name “Star One” through The Star Seekers YouTube. On January 3rd, 2022, the official teaser was uploaded.

In the video, Taehyun opened a magic book and suddenly the four members appeared and they see a black hole in front of them. The five boys advance towards the hole and at the end of the video, Taehyun turns around and stares intently as though there would be a message that they want to convey. Here’s the video!

Seeing the teaser, their fans were very enthusiastic about the Webtoon and the storyline. Here are some of the MOA reactions:

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TXT Members’ Characters in the Webtoon Revealed

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Through social media accounts, they shared an official story film about the Webtoon. In the video, they have revealed information about the members with their magic elements and the powers that they have. Here they are!

Soobin as Soule

txt soobin webtoon character

He is a thoughtful leader of Star One. He also has a secret that he can’t tell the other members. Soule’s mother named Rot is a world-class idol and she’s known for her magical abilities. Soule has pointy ears because he’s an elf. He also can foresee the future and is good at using bows and arrows.

Yeonjun as Eugene

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Eugene is the elder of Star One who has the power of a warrior. He’s from a race of warriors that resemble a giant deer and he has antlers. His physical strength is unmatched, moreover, he’s good at using the sword.

Beomgyu as Viken

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Viken is a healer, he even can fertilize diseased plants. He seems indifferent on the outside but he’s actually a warm-hearted person. He’s from the race of Tree Spirits so it makes his shoulders full of thorns sometimes.

Taehyun as Taho

TXT members webtoon name

Taho is highly inquisitive and is a descendant of an intelligent race of wizard owls. He is a magician who can interpret magic books and knows how to use all the magic spells.

Huening Kai as Avys

TXT members webtoon name

Avys is a warm-heated and patient person, he is the youngest member of Star One and has the ability to summon powerful creatures. Avys is from the White Bird race and also he has Wings.