Who Is TXT’s Visual? Check Out Their Visual Rank, Here!

TXT's Visual

Get To Know More About TXT’s Members’ Visual Ranking

There are many people who recently gave attention to K-Pop idols’ beauty and their visuals. As a K-Pop idol, there are many things that can be a criterion for an idol. Some agencies in South Korea also have their own standard to debuted idols under their management.

TXT as a boy group under BigHit Entertainment has been known as a boy group with tall and good body proportion. So, are you curious to know TXT’s members’ visuals and rank based on Korean beauty standards? Let’s find out about detailed answers in this article below!

TXT’s Visual Rank Based On Korean Beauty Standard

TXT's Visual

TXT has been known as one of the K-Pop boy groups that have handsome visuals. Besides that, many fans talked about TXT, because each member from Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Yeonjun has their own ranks when it comes to visuals.

Then, what about TXT’s visual rank based on Korean beauty standards? As you know beforehand, TXT has members whose nationality is from Korea, so it would be interesting if their visuals also had their own rank taken from the Korean beauty standard.

Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about TXT’s visual rank in this session below!

1st: TXT’s Soobin

TXT's Visual - Soobin

Maybe many people know about TXT’s Soobin through his solo activities because he is one of the members who is often seen appearing in public and works as an MC. With his visual that always looks good, TXT’s Soobin can easily steal the attention of many people, including fans.

TXT’s Soobin gets ranked 1 when it comes to visuals. Many Korean fans said that he’s not only just a great rapper and vocalist in his group but also fitted the Korean beauty standard as well. The reason is that he is the tallest member of the group, so his appearance became looks more attractive.

2nd: TXT’s Huening Kai

TXT's Visual - Huening Kai

As the youngest member of the group, TXT’s Huening Kai is also one of the members who has caught the attention of many fans. His position as a dancer and vocalist also deserves appreciation because he has great talent. In another position, TXT’s Huening Kai is also the visual of the group.

This is also a pretty strong reason that he got 2nd rank when it comes to Korean beauty standards. TXT’s Huening Kai has a slightly different visual than his fellow members in the group because he has Western vibes in his visual. After all, TXT’s Huening Kai’s perfect visual fit the Korean beauty standard, except for his golden face ratio.

3rd: TXT’s Beomgyu

TXT's Visual - Beomgyu

The 3rd position of having the best visual based on Korean beauty standard is TXT’s Beomgyu. Different from TXT’s Soobin and TXT’s Huening Kai, TXT’s Beomgyu has all the facial features that fit the Korean beauty standard. This is because he naturally has double eyelids, a small face, and a perfect v-shaped jawline.

TXT’s Beomgyu also has a high nose bridge and small lips that look pretty for a man to have. Most Korean must know the ‘kkot-minam’ which means young Korean male who has beauty and is also concerned with style and fashion. Many fans would agree that TXT’s Beomgyu was nicknamed ‘kkot-minam’, right?

4th: TXT’s Taehyun

TXT's Visual - Taehyun

TXT’s Taehyun has known for his position as a vocalist. Just like other members, TXT’s Taehyun also has its own uniqueness when it comes to visuals. He is a member who is popular among many international fans, but unfortunately, TXT’s Taehyun doesn’t fit the Korean beauty standard.

To beat TXT’s Soobin and Huening Kai’s position, Taehyun is too far in rank 4, because he has around facial structure and doesn’t have broad shoulders. Therefore, TXT’s Taehyun’s visual doesn’t fit the Korean beauty standard, but many fans are still rooting for him.

5th: TXT’s Yeonjun’s Visual

TXT's Visual - Yeonjun

In the last rank, there’s only one member left, which is TXT’s Yeonjun. He is the oldest member of the group and is known as the dancer, rapper, and vocalist. Somehow, his visual ranking is the last, because there are some features on his face that don’t fit the Korean beauty standard.

The reason why TXT’s Yeonjun got ranked 5, is because he doesn’t have a double eyelid, just like TXT’s Beomgyu, and he doesn’t have a v-shaped jawline. If you take a closer look at his eyes, he is one of the members who have monolid, but it didn’t detract from his good looks like a member of TXT, right?

Well, that was all for the information about TXT’s visual rank based on Korean beauty standards. All members are unique with their own visuals, so let’s keep supporting TXT. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!