Let’s Find Out about TXT Members Ideal Type Based on Characters and Age!

txt ideal type 2022

Let’s Find Out TXT Ideal Type Here!

As K-pop idols, they surely have many fans who want to have a boyfriend like their idols. Although K-Pop idols are fans’ ideal type, we can’t deny that idols also have their own ideal type, for example, TXT boy group. It’s undeniable, that fans are also curious about their ideal type. The group which consists of 5 talented members are must have each version of their ideal type.

So, through this article, Channel-Korea already provides you with all about each TXT members’ ideal type for women. So, stay tuned!

Ideal Type of TXT’s Soobin: Someone who is Easy to Get Along

txt soobin ideal type 2022

As a leader, Soobin very cares about his members. In addition to taking care of members, Soobin also needs someone who will accompany him throughout his entire life. So for that, Soobin has his own ideal type and characteristics for women. Soobin from the side of personality who was easy to get along with.

When he was asked by a fan about his ideal type, Soobin actually doesn’t have a specific type, but he said that if he found someone that he thinks is interesting and suitable to be with him it’s the right person.

Ideal Type of TXT’s Yeonjun: MOA

txt yeonjun ideal type 2022

This oldest member of TXT is very looking energetic in every way. To balance his character, he needs someone who cares and accepts him for who he is. Actually, Yeonjun never talked about his ideal type specifically, but at the fansign, he revealed that his ideal type is MOA. This means he needs someone who same as his fans who always taking care of and supporting him.

Not only that, Yeonjun prefers women with long hair because he thinks that it will give off a noona-vibes. Indirectly, he likes someone who is older than him either in her looks or age.

Ideal Type of TXT’s Beomgyu: Someone with Short Hair

txt beomgyu ideal type 2022

In some interviews, Beomgyu always said that he doesn’t have any special characteristics in physic, because for him if we looking someone by their physical it will no longer and will change all the time.

Beomgyu is known for his romantic words, he can make his fans blush every time. Even though he doesn’t have a special type, Beomgyu prefers someone with short hair. For him, short hair makes a girl looks beautiful and it will match his perfect visuals.

Ideal Type of TXT’s Taehyun: Someone He Loves

txt beomgyu ideal type 2022

Same as other members, Taehyun also doesn’t have any special type fo women. According to him, he can like someone when he already loves her first. He is a loving person and funny, so he wants to make someone special feel comfortable next to him. He gives an example of his ideal type which is like MOA (TXT’s fans).

Ideal Type of TXT’s Huening Kai: Someone Who Can Laugh Together

huening kai ideal type 2022

This maknae of the group have a different answer when they were asked about the ideal type. Huening Kai expressed his feelings that he wanted a partner who could laugh together with him and freely share her feelings. Not only that, Huening Kai also likes someone with short hair. In other words, he’s looking for someone who can be with him on bad or good days.

So, that’s all information regarding TXT members’ ideal type. Among the five members above, is there any match with your characters? Please write your answer in the comment section.

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