TXT’s Leader, Soobin: How He Was Chosen and Why He Is Valued by the Members

TXT's Leader Soobin

TXT’s Leader, Soobin: Chosen by the Members Because He Is Reliable

Choosing a leader for a K-pop group isn’t a game. The leader holds an important key to the dynamic of the group. A leader should be someone who understands the members and, moreover, can act calmly in a dire situation. Many of the leaders are chosen based on age ranking, but there are also K-pop leaders who are not the oldest in the group, and TXT’s Soobin is one of the leaders who’s not the oldest in the group.

Told by one of the members, Beomgyu, when the debut team was decided, they went on trial to become the leader for about two to three weeks. That being said, all members in TXT had a chance and had a taste of being the leader even if it was just for three weeks.

The members took turns to give a point for the ongoing leader to see which member was suited as a leader, and Soobin received the higher grade from the others. He was then chosen as TXT’s Leader. Yeonjun, who is the oldest in TXT, also said that Soobin is responsible and kind. That makes him suit the position of leader.

TXT’s Leader, Soobin: Quietly Taking Care of the Other Members


Soobin as known by his fans is an introvert. Most of the time, when the members are making chaos and being mischievous, he just quietly watches them. But, in that quiet, he is also taking care of TXT’s members in his own way.


Soobin’s patience and leadership are adored by the members. He is often seen taking care of the members by reacting quickly when the members are in trouble. He is also known as a scaredy-cat, but when he gets scared, Soobin always checks on the other members first. That kind of gesture is what makes TXT’s members fond of Soobin.

Soobin Acts Professional When Receiving Mistreatment


Though not pleasant, sometimes, bad things happen to idols when they perform on music shows or at music awards. Accidents or sometimes mistreatment are things they face amidst their careers as entertainers.

Unfortunately, TXT also received mistreatment when they were giving a speech at MAMA 2021. When the group accepted their Worldwide Fans Choice Top 10 Award, it was common practice for the members to share a thank you speech for the fans.

But, when it was Soobin’s turn to finish the speech, the music suddenly started playing so his microphone became quiet. It resulted in fans not being able to hear what he was saying. During this situation, Soobin, as expected, was calm and continued talking while making his mouth wider so people would know that he wasn’t finished talking.

This action was praised by netizens and showed how professional Soobin is and that he is unbothered by mistreatment.


Soobin Always Learns From His Young and Inexperienced Side


Soobin, as he admitted himself, was once young and inexperienced. He once doubted himself and wondered how people could like him. Little did he know, he has a lot of charm that later made MOAs fall in love with him.

His self-doubt slowly faded as TXT debuted, and many fans liked him so it boosted his self-esteem. He was young and inexperienced with many complexes, but through his fans, Soobin was able to change them into something positive.

Along with his debut, he also keeps learning through his inexperienced side to become someone that is more mature. It will be a good thing to see Soobin grow up to be better, right?

Soobin surely is a quiet but considerate leader. He takes care of the members in his own way and is able to act calm during a crisis. The TXT members were right when they said that there’s no leader like Soobin in this generation.

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