Calling Out For MOA And Let’s Have A Throwback To TXT’s Debut Era!

TXT’s Debut Stories


TXT became the second boy group that debuted under Big Hit Entertainment. It turned out that their debut got appreciation from many people and, of course, there were some people who started the TXT booth ever since they debuted. So, what are the stories that the members had to go through to prepare for their debut? What obstacles did they have to experience before debuting?

Let’s find out more about TXT’s debut stories in this section below.

TXT’s Soobin and Taehyun Share Their Stories After Debut

TXT (Tomorrow X Together), one of the groups under Big Hit Entertainment, is indeed a hot topic of discussion. The reason is that the group which is also the younger brother of BTS (Bangtan Boys) is not even a year old but has managed to snatch many achievements.

The group led by Soobin was once the fastest-rising K-pop group to enter the Billboard Chart. Some of the songs in their debut album The Dream Chapter: STAR reportedly occupy positions in several categories on the Billboard Chart.

Their global popularity has made Big Hit Entertainment dare to hold a showcase in the United States. Even the showcase tickets ran out in just a matter of hours. This proves that their popularity has indeed reached the international market.

On their live broadcast on September 5th, 2019, on TXT’s V-Live account, TXT’s Soobin and Taehyun explained the reasons why they chose Big Hit Entertainment over other agencies. As is known, before, as it is now, Big Hit was a small agency. The name of the agency has also soared since BTS was able to dominate the world chart Billboard.


Taehyun revealed that he is sure of one thing, that Big Hit Entertainment will do the best for him. He also wanted to join a big company which he thought would be beneficial. On the other hand, Soobin has been attracted to many K-pop artists. So, he looked for a company he thought could work to conquer his dream. Until then, he found Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that houses BTS.


Soobin also said that he is a big fan of BTS. Even Kim Seokjin is his role model. “I’m a fan and really like sunbaenim (BTS),” Soobin said excitedly, “That’s why I auditioned for Big Hit and really wanted to become a singer.”

On the live broadcast, Soobin also said that he actually wanted to have a stage name. That’s because there are many artists who have the same name as him. “Yeah, nothing crossed my mind, but I want a stage name because my name is too common!” Soobin said.

“So, when I come out with the name Soobin, there will be many people with the same name. So, I kind of thought I’d like a name that would make me feel the way I am now. But, currently, Soobin’s name is good. I did well not to use a stage name. I like my real name!”

Big Hit’s CEO Bang Si-hyuk Revealed TXT’s Hardships During Debut


Soobin as the leader of TXT (Tomorrow X Together) once said that they had no problem with always being associated with their seniors BTS. According to him, it is an honor and actually makes them work harder so as not to damage the name of their seniors.

TXT is also often reported to be famous because they are the younger brothers of BTS. This is often heard because they are compared to BTS who had experienced difficulties in their rookie days, and TXT is considered to have been successful from the start.

“Because we can see our seniors achieve so much after going through hardships,” Heuningkai said in an interview, “It’s an honor and we respect them. We will work hard.” Bang Shi-hyuk as CEO of Big Hit Entertainment also intervened in response to this. According to him, BTS and TXT both have difficulties in their respective ways. Although not the same, they both bear a lot of burdens.

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“I think the biggest difference is that BTS really started from the bottom,” Bang Shi-hyuk said. “People may think that TXT are really lucky and have an easy path, but they have a burden to live up to the expectations that have been set. Rookies have the opportunity to grow and shine when they are rookies,” he continued, “But TXT started at a higher level so it’s harder to show growth.”

BTS as seniors often advise them on how to always be compact. During the last 7 years, BTS is often considered unchanged from the beginning of their debut until now.

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“Every time we meet them (BTS), they always tell us ‘Always think of the team first. Be a great artist. We always care for and support you,’” Beomgyu said, “They always give us warm advice whenever we see them. It gives me strength when I train.”

TXT’s Achievements a Year After Debuting

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March 4th, 2020, is a special day for Tomorrow X Together a.k.a TXT. This date marks exactly one year after they officially debuted into the South Korean entertainment world.

The TXT project was first voiced by Bang Si-hyuk in 2017. On January 10th, 2019, the TXT project was officially revealed along with the member lineup. On March 4th, 2019, they officially debuted with the extended play The Dream Chapter: Star.

During their journey of the past year, TXT showed that they have great potential as a boy group. They harvested a lot of achievements in their first year.

Debut Music Video With Breaking Record Views

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TXT’s first achievement was that they managed to break the view record with their debut music video. On March 5th, 2020, the music video for their debut single “Crown” was officially viewed as many as 14,493,378 times on YouTube. This number makes them the idol group with the highest number of music video views over 24 hours.

Breaking the World Charts

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TXT’s success with the release of their debut single “Crown” did not stop there. TXT’s debut single also managed to penetrate the prestigious music chart, Billboard. “Crown” went straight to the Billboard 200 where they went straight to number 140.

They also entered two other Billboard charts, namely number one on the Billboard World Album Chart and also number one on the Billboard World Digital Song Charts. These achievements made them officially become the first boy group to quickly enter the Billboard charts even though they had not yet entered the main Billboard charts, such as Billboard Hot 100.

Fantastic Sales

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The next achievement of TXT is their album sale figured which are quite fantastic. Their first EP The Dream Chapter: Star recorded sales of 211,564 copies in South Korea while their full album The Dream Chapter: Magic, which was released in October, also sold 208,558 copies.

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Meanwhile, their Japanese album, Magic Hour, managed to sell 117,727 copies. This means that in one year, TXT managed to sell more than 500 thousand copies of albums. This achievement is not a trivial achievement and should be appreciated of the rookies with a good career journey in their debut era.

Harvesting the Best Rookie Awards

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In South Korea, at the end of every year, there are usually many music awards held. One of the prestigious nominations is the Rookie of the Year award. TXT have won many Best Rookie awards including the Asia Music Awards’ Rookie of the Year, Brand of the Year Awards’ Male Rookie Idol of the Year, and Gaon Music Charts’ New Artist of the Year.

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They also won the Genie Music Award’s Best New Male Artist and also won the Golden Disc Award’s Rookie Artist of the Year. TXT also won the MAMA Best New Male Artist and the New Artist Award at the Seoul Music Awards.

Successful Japanese Expansion

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The slick momentum that TXT built continued with their expansion to Japan. Not even a year had passed after their debut, and on January 15th, 2020, they officially debuted in Japan with a single album entitled Magic Hour.

TXT’s Japanese debut can be said to be one of the fastest in K-pop history. Their Japanese debut single received a good reception by Japanese citizens where this album sold 117,727 copies and received a gold certification from the Record Industry Association Japan (RIAJ).

Well, that was all of the information related to the throwback to TXT’s debut era starting from their debut plan, teasers, music video, debut stage, and many stories about their debut. Let’s give a lot of support and love to TXT and hope that their careers can shine even more in the future.

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