twicetagram twice

Twicetagram (Studio Album) by TWICE

Artist TWICE
Title Track Likey
Release Date October 30th, 2017
Length 44:16
Label JYP Entertainment


It has been two years since TWICE debuted on October 20th, 2015, and finally, the long-awaited studio album is here. On October 30th, 2017, TWICE released their first studio album titled Twicetagram. The album title is the same as their Instagram account with the whole concept just like the Instagram feed.

Twicetagram consists of 13 tracks with “Likey” serving as the title track. The other songs in the album are “Turtle”, “Missing U”, “Wow”, “FFW”, “Ding Dong”, “24/7”, “Look at Me”, “Rollin’”, “Love Line”, “Don’t Give Up”, “You in My Heart”, and “Jaljayo Good Night”.

Story Behind Twicetagram by TWICE

Twicetagram was the first TWICE studio album ever to be released. The announcement of their first studio album release along with the video was quite the surprise brought at TWICE’s fan meeting event held to commemorate their two-year anniversary from debuting. It was done on October 15th, 2017. After the release of the surprise trailer, the next day, JYP Entertainment announced the date of the comeback that took place on October 30th, 2017, with the studio album Twicetagram that has the same name as their Instagram account.

The first group image was then released on October 19th, 2017, with the teaser picture resembling an Instagram post. On the day TWICE celebrated their second anniversary from debut on October 20th, TWICE talked about the details of the album and the members’ participation in writing the lyrics.

The Production of Twicetagram by TWICE

For TWICE’s first-ever studio album, TWICE collaborated with several writers and composers including Black Eyed Pilseung and Earattack who had already been collaborating in making TWICE songs, and several other composers and songwriters. One of the composers and songwriters is Hyerim from Wonder Girls who wrote one of the tracks and also several TWICE members participated in writing the lyrics to some of the songs on the album. For the spoiler of the tracks on the album, you can check out the video below.

Tracklist of Twicetagram by TWICE

No. Title Lyrics Composed Arranged
1. Likey Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung Rado
2. Turtle Jeong Ho Hyun ( Jeong Ho Hyun ( Jeong Ho Hyun (
3. Missing U Earattack, Dahyun, Chaeyoung Earattack Earattack, Yooki
4. Wow Mafly, Ponde, Lee Mi So, Kako Pop Time, Kriz Pop Time
5. FFW Kiggen, Assbrass Reign Write, NAOtheLAIZA NAOtheLAIZA
6. Ding Dong Jowul Risto Asikainen, Antti Hynninen Antti Hynninen
7 24/7 Nayeon, Jihyo Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Cazzi Opeia  

Caesar & Loui

8 Look At Me Frants, Hyerim Frants, Hyerim Frants
9 Rollin’ Earattack, Yooki Earattack, Fox Stevenson Fox Stevenson, Earattack
10 Love Line Jeongyeon Darren Smith, Tammy Infusino Darren “Baby Dee Beats” Smith
11 Don’t Give Up Chaeyoung Chris Wahle, Thomas Harsem, Andreas Ohrn Chris Wahle
12 You in My Heart Jeong Ho Hyun ( Jeong Ho Hyun ( Jeong Ho Hyun (
13 Jaljayo Good Night Kevin Oppa (mr.cho) Kevin Oppa (mr.cho) Kevin Oppa (mr.cho)

Charting of Twicetagram by TWICE

TWICE have become one of the Korean girl groups that continuously swiped the charts with every one of their releases. Their Twicetagram album made a record as the highest week album sale with 129.691 copies sold on Hanteo. Other than that, TWICE also made some notable records.

Country Chart Peak Position
US World Albums Billboard 1
Japanese Album Oricon 7
South Korean Album Gaon 1
Japanese Digital Album Oricon 3
Japan Hot Album Billboard 12
Frech Download Album SNEP 195
US Heatseekers Album Billboard 10


That’s all the information about TWICE’s first studio album Twicetagram. If you wanna know more information about all the tracks in the Twicetagram album, you can check out the other Channel-Korea articles related to TWICE.