Does TWICE’s Nayeon Have Any Tattoos? Find the Details Here!

twice's nayeon tattoo

TWICE’s Nayeon: Does She Have Any Tattoos?

Since the trend of tattoos started to rise after it became less taboo among Korean society, many people including K-pop idols started showing off their tattoos! TWICE’s Nayeon seems to love tattoo art, but does she have any? In this article, Channel Korea will let you know, so stay tuned!

TWICE’s Members and Tattoos

twice nayeon tattoo

Just like one of TWICE‘s hit singles “I Can’t Stop Me,” it seems like K-pop fans all over the world can’t stop their supportive actions when it comes to TWICE. The female group from JYP Entertainment consists of nine beautiful and talented ladies such as Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon.

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Ever since their debut, TWICE’s members have been known for the feminine and cute concept, but who knew that the members could appear more elegant but fierce at the same time with tattoos? Not all of TWICE’s members have tattoos, but TWICE’s Chaeyoung bravely shows off the ink on her body. She has several tattoos like a strawberry lips tattoo, a flower tattoo, a carrot tattoo, and more! Her tattoos are very attractive which made the other members praise them, including Nayeon!

About Nayeon and Tattoos

twice's nayeon tattoo

It seems like ONCE (TWICE’s fandom) always notices every detail about TWICE’s members which makes them know the members better. For instance, they noticed that Nayeon seemed to look very interested in Chaeyoung’s tattoos which, later on, made the fans start to wonder if she had a tattoo herself.

twice's nayeon and twice's chaeyoung tattoo

At that time, TWICE’s members were seen at the Incheon International Airport heading to Malaysia for the group’s concert titled TWICELIGHTS. All of the members were looking effortlessly beautiful and fresh with summer outfits, just like Chaeyoung who was spotted with a sleeveless top which made her tattoos more visible.

twice's nayeon and twice's chaeyoung tattoo

Then, the fans observed a gesture from Nayeon when she stood next to the others while waiting at the departure hall. She was looking at Chaeyoung’s arm in the direction of one of Chaeyoung’s tattoos while she was admiring it. The fans also heard her say, “I want to do this as well.”

Fans’ Reactions to the Possibility of Nayeon Getting a Tattoo

twice's nayeon tattoo

Some fans anticipate the possibility of other TWICE members having tattoos, including Nayeon! However, as far as 2021, Nayeon hasn’t shown any tattoos yet, but who knows if she will make her desire come true sometime in the future? ONCEs also made a manip picture of Nayeon with Chaeyoung’s tattoos and shared various reactions to the thought of Nayeon possibly gaining a tattoo similar to this:

twice's nayeon tattoo edit

“Imagine Tzuyu or Nayeon having a tattoo, haha!”

“We vote for Nayeon’s tattoos”

“Nayeon talking about AirPods while ONCE nation fights over a tattoo”

“Nayeon is so hot, and this is her with Chaeyoung’s tattoo”


Although Nayeon still doesn’t have any tattoos, maybe we should wait for some time in the future! So, what are your thoughts on TWICE’s Nayeon gaining a tattoo in the future? Let us know your answer through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!