Check Out The Best Female Dancer on K-Pop, TWICE’s Momo’s Dancing Compilation!

Twice Momo

Rising Best Female Dancer: TWICE’s Momo

If we talk about members of TWICE who’re good at dancing, undoubtedly, Hirai Momo, better known as Momo, will be the strongest candidate to come to our mind. Momo is one of TWICE’s members who has a great ability in the dancing field.

As we have known, TWICE is a girl group made through survival show titled Sixteen. Originally, Momo didn’t passed until the final round and shouldn’t have make it as the final member of TWICE. But, the CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin-young, decided to add her as a member of TWICE because of her dancing skills.

Are you curious about Momo’s dancing skills and her dance performances she has been showing so far? Let’s take a look at it!

Momo’s Dancing Skill

Twice Momo

It is well known to the fans that Momo has a great skill in dancing. Even before she became a trainee, she was scouted by JYP Entertainment after they saw a video of her and older sister dancing. This proved that she was scouted for having talent in dancing. Furthermore, originally she wasn’t chosen as the final member of TWICE, but Park Jin-young decided to add her because of her extraordinary dancing skills. According to her, she has the most confidence in dancing to urban and likes dancing to hip hop. She has a great dancing skills for a reason, it’s because she had taken dancing lessons since the age of three! Amazing, isn’t it?

With her honed dancing skills, she was able to show great performance on stage. She showed us her passion on dancing while performing not only a few times, but many times. Here is a video of her while performing YES or YES on M!Countdown:

Not only on performance, she also showed her dancing skills either on concerts on television programs. Sometimes, she even does a dance cover of other singer’s songs. One of it is Sunmi’s Gashina where she showed it on variety show Running Man for a while. Here is the video of it:

At one time, she also had a dance cover of Move which was sung by SHINee’s Taemin together with her fellow member Mina, Dahyun and Chaeyoung. Here is a fancam of their dance cover of Taemin’s Move:

She also had a dance cover of other boy groups’ songs. Here is the video of it:

Besides stages and performances with members of TWICE, she also showed us her dancing skills on television program. Her most popular appearance is on Hit The Stage, a television program where celebrities compete with each other using their dancing skills. Are you curious about Momo’s performance on Hit The Stage? Let’s have a look at it!

Hit The Stage

In the television program Hit The Stage, Momo competed twice for a different theme. She appeared in first and second competition of the program. The first theme for the dance competition is “Devils”, while the second theme is “This Love.”

For the first theme “Devils,” Momo had to face Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon, SHINee’s Taemin, INFINITE ex-member Hoya, U-Kwon, Sistar ex-member Bora, NCT’s Ten, and Monsta X’s Shownu as her opponents. In this episode, she dressed as a vampire to perform the theme “Devils.” Different from her usual cute appearance, she showed us a sexy and charismatic side of her in this dance performance. Here is the video of her performance for “Devils” theme in Hit The Stage:

Unfortunately, she received the least amount of audience score and couldn’t win. At this episode, the one who won the competition is SHINee’s Taemin.

In the next episode, she appeared again and this time, had to compete with a theme “This Love” for the dance competition. Surprisingly, she brought her fellow member Mina to feature in her dance performance! Furthermore, quite different from others who commonly has partner with opposite sex, Momo who partnered with Mina gave off a unique vibe in the performance. Here is her performance with Mina for “This Love” theme on Hit The Stage:


To share updates on what is she doing right now with her fans, Momo often posts either a photo or video on TWICE’s Instagram account. Here is a few photos and videos that she has pposted on TWICE’s Instagram account!

1. In this post, she shared a video of her dancing in a practice room. She truly is a dancing queen!

2. It seems that on her holiday, she spends her free time together with her fellow member as well as her best friend, Nayeon! What do you think of their friendship moment in this photo?

3. In this post, she shared a photo of her in a beautiful dress. She looks stunning in it!

4. This time, she shared a selcas of her together with Nayeon. They looks cute and beautiful, aren’t they?

5. Recently, she posted a photo of Dahyun secretly while she posed cutely. We’re able to see her playful side in this post!

Latest News

Twice Momo

Recently, Momo has been actively performing together with other members of TWICE. For example, a few days ago she performed and attended 8th Gaon Music Chart with TWICE and performed two of their songs, YES or YES and Dance the Night Away. Not only that, but they also received Artist of the Year: Digital Music – Monthly awards for their songs What is Love? and Dance the Night Away.

Furthermore, it was announced that TWICE have their upcoming Japanese dome tour, and they added another date for the tour! JYP Entertainment has confirmed that TWICE wil be holding an additional concert at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on March 20. Ahead of their dome tour, TWICE will also release their second Japanese album #TWICE2 on March 6. The album itself will consist of the Japanese version of their hit songs such as Likey, Heart Shaker, What is Love?, Dance the Night Away, and YES or YES.

So, what do you think about Momo’s dancing skill? Do you think that she has a great ability in dancing and admire her for it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Momo’s dancing performance on the comment section!