From “Sadness Unnie” to “Handsome Manager,” Get to Know about TWICE’s Managers Here!

twice's manager

Who Is Your Favorite Manager of TWICE?

Every K-pop group has attractiveness which makes the fans love them unconditionally. But, have you ever imagined that K-pop group fans can admire the group’s managers? The famous girl group TWICE has multiple managers who are also popular among ONCEs! In this article, Channel Korea will give you information about TWICE’s popular managers, so keep on reading!

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The Famous “Sadness Unnie”

twice's manager 'sadness unnie'

The JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE used to have a female manager named Kim Na-yeon, but don’t be mistaken since she wasn’t TWICE’s Nayeon! Ever since TWICE’s debut, Kim Na-yeon has accompanied the members and did such an amazing job as the group’s manager.

twice sadness manager

Kim Na-yeon was popular among fans due to her caring personality towards the members and the fans and because of how she took care of TWICE’s members. ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) have considered her as the 10th member of TWICE as well! Kim Na-yeon also showed off her loveable side through a lot of occasions such as during a TWICE fan meeting, helping a fan with a wheelchair, going on live stream sessions with the members, and more!

twice's nayeon and sadness manager

The fans have given her the nickname “Sadness Unnie” or “TWICE’s Sadness Manager” due to her resemblance to the Inside Out movie character named Sadness. Unfortunately, the Sadness Unnie is no longer working for TWICE since 2018 and is reportedly working for Stray Kids and IZ*ONE.

The Handsome Manager of TWICE

twice's handsome manager

Aside from the Sadness Unnie Manager, TWICE members were also taken care of by a male manager named Yeonjin! But, do you know that he is famously known for his good-looking appearance? He was also spotted in some of TWICE’s schedules and caught up by the paparazzi. TWICE members have given him the nickname “Manager JinJin” shortened from his name.

twice handsome manager

Ever since his appearance spread through the Internet, ONCEs rapidly loved him. Even during one of the V-Live sessions, the fans asked Nayeon and Momo to introduce their handsome manager to the fans! Then, they explained that their manager has been popular and acknowledged him as a handsome person as well!

twice's nayeon and the handsome manager
twice's nayeon and the handsome manager

Another Line-Up of TWICE’s Manager Team

twice's manager team

Although the Sadness Unnie Manager and the Handsome JinJin Manager are the most popular, there’s also another amazing team who works as TWICE’s management team. Let’s get to know more about them!

First of all, there is another male manager called “Colossus Manager,” and probably he’s the “boss” among the team!

twice's manager

Of the other members, there is “Tendo,” the guy with the black hoodie, and “Pinky Oppa!”

twice's manager
twice's manager

And, the male with glasses who looks focused is “Jaljiri!” It is also known that he taught TWICE’s Sana how to do the Busan dialect on My Little Television!

twice's manager

There is another male team who also works as TWICE’s manager but due to the lack of info, there was only a picture of them along with TWICE’s Mina’s brother!

twice's manager with twice's mina's brother

Fans’ Reaction and Thoughts of TWICE’s Managers

twice and their manager

As a loyal fandom, ONCEs have always been looking up to the amazing managers of TWICE and respecting them. They also thank them for the hard work and how they care for the fans as well! Here are some of their comments about TWICE’s amazing managers:

twice sadness manager

“Here’s to sadness manager for always being there for the girls and taking care of them right from the start. Thank you for all your hard work, we’ll miss you”

“Thank you sadness manager for taking good care of TWICE!”

“Not only TWICE but TWICE’s manager are this much popular!”

“I find TWICE’s manager handsome omg”

“TWICE’s handsome manager gets his fansite”

Well, what’s your response about TWICE’s managers?

That was everything about the information of TWICE’s popular managers! They have been working with lots of caring and talented managers, and even the fans have recognized it as well! Do you also think that TWICE has extremely good managers? Let us know your answer through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!