Up-Close with TWICE’s Main Rapper Son Chae-young!

Get to Know Chae-young’s Brother, Son Jeong-hoon


Twice’s Chaeyoung’s younger brother, Son Jeong-hoon, is getting so much attention from both fans and K-Pop lovers. The reason, the younger brother of the singer of “Knock Knock” is considered very handsome and worthy of making his debut as an idol like his sister.

Both Chaeyoung and her brother rarely upload photos or videos of them together. However, both of them took a few selfies together and fans immediately saved them before they were deleted.

Seeing the handsome face of Chaeyoung’s younger brother, fans and netizens immediately praised the very attractive visual siblings. In addition, fans and netizens also asked JYP Entertainment, the agency that oversees Chaeyoung and Twice, to immediately recruit the younger brother who has a handsome face.

Son Jeong-hoon himself chose his occupation to be a model based at the ESteem modeling agency, Seoul. He is also known as ulzzang (as called for the best visual person) in South Korea because of his charming appearance.

Chae-young’s Hairstyles


Chae-young Rocks Short Hair!

Twice’s Chaeyoung revealed that Kristen Stewart was the inspiration behind her new shorter haircut. At a fan signing event earlier this year, TWICE’s Chaeyoung came out with a completely new, and much shorter, haircut that immediately changed her image.

At this event, she revealed that Kristen Stewart’s role in her latest movie Equals had inspired her to cut her hair short, and it appears she will be keeping this hairstyle for their upcoming comeback with the title song “Signal,” composed and written by Park Jin-young himself.

“I felt this strong need to cut my hair short after seeing Kristin Stewart. After contemplating, I finally cut it,” said Chaeyoung.


Chae-young Looks Stunning with Blonde Hair


Chae-young Covers “Alone” by Cheeze For Her Melody Project


Chaeyoung is proving that not only does she have the bars, but she’s got the pipes too.

The main rapper of TWICE has just dropped her “Melody Project” release, a cover of Cheeze’s hauntingly beautiful ballad “Alone.” The song gives Chaeyoung a chance to flex her vocals, proving that she’s not just a rapper, but a singer too.

Twice’s Chaeyoung Turns Out to Visit Bali and Make Something For Jihyo’s Birthday!


Recently, JYP Entertainment has provided holidays for Twice members. This holiday period is used by the girl group of 9 people to vacation abroad, including Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung chose Bali as her vacation location. The 1999-born singer shared photos of her vacation in Bali through the official Instagram account @twicetagram.


In this uploaded photo, Chaeyoung looks beautiful with blonde hair. The “Dance the Night Away” singer also looks cool wearing a purple tank top and white shirt and sunglasses.

Chaeyoung has now returned to South Korea. To celebrate Twice’s leader’s 22nd birthday, Jihyo (23 years according to Korean count) that fell on Friday, January 2nd. The second youngest member of Twice made her a cake.

Twice’s Insta Stories

Jihyo shows off the strawberry cake made by Chaeyoung via her post on Instagram Story. “Chaeyoung made it for me. It feels very good. This is a new world,” Twice’s leader wrote in the post caption.

Her Photo is Spread on the Internet, Twice’s Chaeyoung Warns!


The life of celebrities is always faced with fans or excessive haters. Not infrequently the celebrities dare to reveal disappointment and anger if their privacy is invaded by fans of Sasaeng (extreme fan designations or can be called stalkers) and haters.

As revealed by Twice’s Chaeyoung recently, her personal vacation photos suddenly spread on the internet without her knowledge. But boldly, Chaeyoung gave a warning to the people who did it. Chaeyoung bravely uploaded her personal photo on Twice’s official Instagram account. Looks like Chaeyoung is relaxing on her summer vacation wearing a bralette and shorts and a fedora hat.

“Photos that I don’t upload on online media suddenly appear elsewhere. It’s scary, please don’t do things like this,” she wrote. The fans also hope that netizens can respect the privacy of celebrities.

“Anyone who spreads her picture, I hope they respect her privacy. She and other members need privacy during the holidays,” said a netter. “I seem to have seen this photo on Instagram and it turns out that Twice is just a post,” continued another netter. “Who did that to Chaeyoung? This is scary! That person doesn’t know the word respect for others,” added yet another.