Check Out Twice’s Latest Song and Their Next Comeback Prediction Here!

Don’t Miss Out Twice’s Latest Comeback, The Best Thing I Ever Did!

Who doesn’t know Twice? The South Korean girl group that debuted under JYP Entertainment with the song called “OOH-AHH” in August 2015, consists of nine gorgeous and talented members and who are always hard-working through-out the year.

They always show up with a new project, in only months after their latest comeback. Now let’s take a look at their most recent comeback, which is also their last project in 2018! Psst, it’s a song that has never been done by Twice before!

Twice’s Most Recent Comeback

Twice released the song called “The Best Thing I Ever Did” on December 12th, 2018, as a closing of their hard work for the entire year. Unlike other Twice songs, for example, “What is Love?,” “Dance The Night Away,” and “Yes Or Yes,” “The Best Thing I Ever Did” is a ballad that doesn’t have a dance for the song.

In this song, we can clearly hear the angelic voice of the vocal line and also other members’ smooth voices that have never been exposed before.

The interesting fact about this song is, that it was not created by just one producer, but the song was composed and written by various composers and songwriters of JYP Entertainment, including JYP solo artist Park Ji-min.

The concept for this song’s composition is also quite unique and distinctive. As JYP said on his Instagram account, the song that was claimed as his 588th song was only created in part, meaning the track and the hook of the song. After that, he left it just like a ‘fill in the blank’ game and sent it to the other composers. By that, the song has a brand new vibe since it was written and composed by many creative heads of composers and songwriters.

We can say that the song has not only given a new tone and color to Twice’s and JUP’s known style, but has also given us, the listeners, a comforting vibe, especially during the winter holidays. Just like the music video, that was released around the time of Christmas and New Year.

And for your information, Na-yeon once said on V Live that they shoot the Music Video in Mongolia. They searched for a location for filming for seven hours with a car since they wanted to find the perfect place, filled with snow, for their music video set. It was such a struggle but still, the result came out really great.

As a song for the holiday itself, “The Best Thing I Ever Did” doesn’t have a comeback stage in any music show. Fans are considering this song a gift from Twice and JYP themselves for Once, the name of Twice’s fandom. While enjoying this song, you can have a great time with your family and friends d the best time of the year.

The first time Twice performed this song live was at the Golden Disk Awards in 2019. Let’s check out the performance of these cute girls at the Golden Disk Awards! They also performed some of their earlier songs, such as “Say Yes” and “Heart Shaker.”

Twice’s Next Comeback

Recently, Twice released a Korean version of one of their Japanese songs titled “BDZ” or also pronounced as “Bulldozer.” They performed it on various Korean music shows, such as Mnet, Music Bank, and Music Core.

But that was months ago and, of course, for a girl group that always has a lot of impressive projects to show for their fans, Twice must be preparing for their upcoming comeback at the beginning of the year. Although there isn’t any news or even a teaser (or maybe they have given us spoilers somewhere without us knowing), we can predict that we won’t have to wait long for their upcoming comeback.

Speaking about spoilers, at the 8th Gaon Music Chart Awards on January 23rd, Momo brought an apple at the red carpet photo shoot.

This apple thing is quite similar to Sana and Momo’s post on Instagram where they took a photo of themselves with a fruit.

But as for Sana, instead of apple, she took a picture with an orange and said ‘I want (to eat) apple’ in the caption.

A lot of fans predicted that it must be a hint for their upcoming comeback. Their next song must be related to apples or something like that.

Whatever it is, it must be so amazing and will be a bop since it is Twice!

Twice’s Most Recent News

Twice became one of the girl groups that have a lot of fans and have become greatly popular in Japan. They were invited to perform in Japan’s end-year music show, Kohaku Uta Gassen on NHK, one of the most prestigious shows on Japanese television. Not only that, but they also impressed the viewers and got the highest rating and reached 42,7%.

They also won awards in a lot of categories from several music awards, such as Best Digital Song (Bonsang) at the Golden Disk Awards, Bonsang and Song of The Year at the Korea Popular Music Award, and also Song of The Year at the MAMA, for the third year in a row.

They have also made an amazing collaboration with fellow JYP artists, such as Got7, Day6, and Stray Kids for a JYP Special Stage at the KBS Song Festival at the end of 2018. They performed an awesome vocal, dance, and rap performance with various songs from JYP Entertainment of all time.

They also started the year by releasing a concert movie titled Twiceland that played in cinemas on CGV’s several countries, such as China, United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many more. This concert movie shows an unseen moment from Twice through-out their tour concert, Twiceland Zone: Fantasy Park that was held in Seoul, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand.

As expected form Twice, they’re really hard-working and never fail to impress us! We can’t wait to support and give lots of love to their next project. Good luck, Twice!