Check Out TWICE’s Jihyo’s Body Appreciation: Tan Skin, Ideal Body, Etc.

TWICE Jihyo body appreciation

Let’s Get to Know about TWICE’s Jihyo’s Body Appreciation!

Being an idol is not as easy as we think. They are required to look perfect with their abilities, visuals, and even their body. So many idols are blasphemed and depressed because their weight isn’t ideal, and this also happened with Jihyo. As we all know, Jihyo is the leader of TWICE. She debuted in TWICE by joining a JYP survival show, SIXTEEN, in 2015. Her career journey wasn’t easy, and she also often got blasphemed because of her body. But now, she loves herself and appreciates her body and weight.

How did she do it? Through this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Jihyo’s body appreciation. Keep on reading this article!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Heartbreaking Story before Her Glow Up

Jihyo body appreciation

In 2015, Jihyo joined SIXTEEN to debut as a TWICE member. During the program, Jihyo had bad experiences with her weight. At that time, she and other contestants did a photoshoot session. The photographer then said that she looks fat, and then Jihyo purposely hid behind the other members. She really felt sad at that time.

Jihyo body appreciation

Another heartbreaking story of her is when TWICE already debuted, they held a fan meeting. Then, Jeongyeon asked ONCE (twice fans) about what sport is suitable for each member to participate in for Idol Sports Athletics Championship. A fan said that Jihyo was better for weightlifting, and she responded to it with a smile but hurt inside and she almost wanted to cry.

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Diet Tips and Workout

Jihyo body appreciation

Actually, Jihyo had an ideal body before her debut. According to her mother, a year before she joined SIXTEEN, she got stressed because for 10 years as a trainee she never debuted. She ate a lot until her weight increased by 4-6 kg.

Before she debuted with TWICE, she was also under pressure because of her weight, so then she went on a 3-month diet to lose weight. Jihyo did an extreme diet and workout. She is reported to have undergone intermittent fasting and only consumed 1000 calories.

Jihyo body appreciation

She also did weightlifting to lose her weight and dance practice. She admitted that she worked out for 4 hours a day. She did a plank for 1 minute and then she moved her hips to each side 30 times. She says that that is a good way to get rid of belly fat. After dieting, she managed to lose 15 kg!

Jihyo body appreciation

Now, we can see how good and healthy Jihyo’s body is!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Tanned Skin

Jihyo tanned skin

Jihyo isn’t the only idol who appears with tan skin, but she is very brave to be different among other TWICE members. When they made their comeback in 2018 with “Dance the Night Away,” Jihyo made her fans focus on her skin. For the summer concept, she made her skin tan.

Jihyo body appreciation

Her fans were amazed by her new looks at that time. With a white summer dress and long wavy hair, her tanned honey skin looked great!

Jihyo body appreciation

Not only that, in 2019 she uploaded a photo on TWICE’s Instagram @twicetagram which was taken in 2018. In that photo, she is wearing a long white dress with her exotic skin coupled with the sunshine. She showed off her tanned skin with her sweetest smile. People who saw this post praised her beauty and skin. Some people said that she looks more beautiful with a tan. Here is the photo!

twice jihyo body

Jihyo’s Sexiest Performance

Jihyo body appreciation

On May 18, 2021, TWICE uploaded Jihyo’s performance project that covers the American singer Camila Cabello’s song “Crown.” People said that the choreography and the dress suit her, and she looks more sexy and cool.

Jihyo body appreciation

She is also referred to as body goals because she has a different aura! All people commented that the video is iconic and amazing because she is like a goddess! Here is the video performance of TWICE’s Jihyo!

So, that’s all the information about Jihyo’s body appreciation from her heartbreaking story, tips and tricks of her workout and diet, tan skin, and her perfect and sexy body. She has changed a lot. She used to be blasphemed for her weight, and now she is praised because of her body goals. Do you agree with it? Then, put your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to get more article updates!