Did You Miss TWICE’s World Tour? Check Out These 5 Throwback Moments from TWICE’s 2019 TWICELIGHTS

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The Memory Lane of TWICE’s First World Tour TWICELIGHTS in 2019!

South Korea’s “Nation’s Girl Group” TWICE is famously known for its sweet and lovely concepts. The group has flown to many countries to hold concerts and world tours which left such beautiful memories for the fans. In this article, Channel Korea will bring back to you the euphoria of the 2019 TWICELIGHTS tour, so stay tuned!

Throwback to 5 Highlighted Moments from 2019’s TWICELIGHTS!

twice on twicelights concert

As one of the most highly demanded K-pop female groups, TWICE has held a lot of concerts and world tours all over the world. One of them was entitled TWICELIGHTS, and did you know that TWICELIGHTS was the first world tour of TWICE?

On April 8, 2019, JYP Entertainment announced the TWICE World Tour which later became known as TWICELIGHTS. The label also revealed the list of countries that TWICE would be attending such as South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, and Japan. The world tour went from May 25, 2019, to February 23, 2020.

twice 'twicelights' concert

For its number of shows, TWICE held 21 shows in Asia and 4 in North America which concluded as 25 shows in total! Given the thought that TWICE is very popular, the world tour was beyond successful! Let’s enjoy a beautiful throwback through these memorable moments of 2019’s TWICELIGHTS.

TWICE’s “Cheer Up” Performance in Manila

twice on twicelights concert

The “Cheer Up” performance by TWICE in Manila, Philippines, has been one of the most memorable moments! Jihyo, Sana, Mina, Momo, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu, and Nayeon appeared with fancy black dresses and blazers.

The various lighting accompanied them while performing on the stage along with the cheers from the fans which made the atmosphere even more exciting! The fact that it was the first time for TWICE to perform in Manila made it unforgettable, right?


The Powerful Girl Crush Concept Performance

twice on twicelights concert

TWICE is well-known for its cute and adorable concepts, but on the TWICELIGHTS world tour, the girls showed off a strong girl crush concept which is exciting to watch!

Jihyo and Momo made such a wonderful performance through the cover of “Goodbye” which was originally performed by SHINee’s Taemin! The stage went dramatic with blue colors, the same color as their stage outfits. As the music started to be more upbeat, Jihyo and Momo’s dance skills were emphasized!

Another stage performance with high tension was done by Dahyun, Tzuyu, and Sana by performing “Dance for You” which was originally sung by Beyoncé. ONCEs couldn’t resist the hottest performance by the trio, not to mention those red dresses that made them look very sexy!

Magnificent Stage Set

twice on twicelights concert

When you’re attending a concert, the decoration and stage set will be one of the most eye-catching views! During 2019’s TWICELIGHTS, the stage set showed off a bunch of various decorations and amazing lighting designs. Through different performances of TWICE, the set changed regularly and showed divergent concepts.

twice stage set
twice concert stage

While TWICE was performing something powerful, the set would transform into vibrant red and silver, or when the girls came up with something lovely, the set was dominated with pink and any adorable color!

twice concert stage

How TWICE’s Members Greeted the Fans

twice on twicelights concert

Let’s say that TWICE is a kind of international K-pop girl group since some of the members aren’t of Korean origin. They have the Taiwanese member Tzuyu, and the Japanese members Momo, Mina, and Sana. Even Mina is known as a Japanese-American! Then, have you ever imagined how TWICE’s members will be while speaking other languages?

TWICE’s members had a new experience by speaking with various local languages! When they performed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, all of them introduced themselves in Malay, which made the fans cheer very loud! Moreover, Dahyun also said “You’re the best” in Malay as a form of fan service!

The same situation happened as well when they were greeting fans in Thai, English, and even Spanish! Their adorable accents while speaking a different language is such a pleasure, right?



TWICELIGHTS in Seoul: The Emotional Ending Talk

twice on 'twicelights' concert

After all of the exciting and pleasant moments in TWICE’s performance, the girls went to an emotional moment while expressing their gratitude towards the fans! Through 2019’s TWICELIGHTS in Seoul, TWICE’s members held an “ending talk” between the performances.

The ending talk somehow changed into a deep conversation between TWICE and ONCEs, especially when each member reminded the fans how thankful they are for having ONCEs and their staff always supporting them over the years.


“You sang a song for us, made us a daesang award, and even the placards,” Dahyun said. “I’m also thankful for all the ones that cheer us on and give us so much love.” Watch the full version by clicking play on the video below!

That is the throwback and highlighted moments from TWICE’s TWICELIGHTS tour! Even though the tour is over, the memories stay the same. From the performance, tour set, TWICE‘s members’ interactions, all of it is meaningful! So, which is your favorite moment from 2019’s TWICELIGHTS? Let us know your answer through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!