Do You Think TWICE’s Tzuyu and Sana Are BFFs? Check Out Their Precious Moments, Here!

Charisma On Stage

Tzuyu and Sana are actually members who have their own charisma and charm. They are famous for their cuteness and aegyo at all times. This time, we will see their charisma on a stage full of fun.

In the “Cheer Up” era, Sana looks very adorable with the icon with the sentence “Shy Shy Shy” from her line also has very good performance because it fits perfectly with the TWICE concept which is powerful but also cute.

Whereas with Tzuyu, she also did a good performance of “Cheer Up” in accordance with the concept of cute but still delivered the choreography with energetic vibrance like the other members. TWICE’s maknae also looks effortlessly cute with an excellent dancing performance and ability.

In the next comeback, TWICE presented the concept of Summer which was very fresh and different from other comebacks because besides being cute, the members also look very cheerful in this comeback. Sana also looks very cute and sexy in the comeback “Dance The Night Away.”

Tzuyu also looks very fresh in the comeback of “Dance The Night Away” and she can display her aura and enthusiasm in welcoming the summer in this comeback. She looks like a beach girl with a more tan color than the other members and also a summer outfit that is very cute and suitable for her to wear for the comeback with “Dance The Night Away.”

While on their latest comeback performance with “Feel Special,” they can also bring this concept very well because Tzuyu and Sana look radiant in the “Feel Special” comeback.

Sana’s look has a very mature and elegant aura perfectly fitting the concept of the comeback “Feel Special” and she looks quite different from Sana who has a cute concept in some previous comebacks. Even though Sana doesn’t have a special line in this last comeback, Sana remains one of the shining TWICE members.

Besides Sana, Tzuyu also looks very sexy and mature in the “Feel Special” comeback. She is not seen as the youngest member of TWICE, but she can bring the “Feel Special” concept very well and looks very charming.

Well, that was all the information of Tzuyu and Sana, their best moments, and also the interactions between the two that are quite entertaining. Do you think that the above info can be considered as proof that Tzuyu and Sana are best friends? Let’s pray for the best for them and also support TWICE in every promotion and brand comeback in the future!