Do You Think TWICE’s Tzuyu and Sana Are BFFs? Check Out Their Precious Moments, Here!

TWICE’s Cutest Members: Tzuyu and Sana’s Adorable Moments

TWICE is often known as the JYP Entertainment girl group that has many members with very beautiful characters and personalities. They have many fans because their concepts and talents are extraordinary and different from other girl group members from South Korea.

This time, we will see some interactions and moments that can be considered as proof that TWICE members are friends with each other. For example, 2 members from different countries, Tzuyu and Sana. Even though they are from Taiwan and Japan, they look like best friends forever.

Let’s check out the best moments and interactions between Tzuyu and Sana in the article below!

Moments and Interactions

For TWICE’s fandom, ONCE, many of you already know the members and most look forward to finding out which members seem very close to each other. Usually, these members are the closest members who share a room and a good pair with each other. However, Tzuyu and Sana were actually not members who shared a room together.

At one of the fan-signing events, moments and interactions between Tzuyu and Sana were seen when they were taking pictures together. The two TWICE members who are famous for their innocence and beautiful visuals are standing with each other and next to each other then they use the finger heart pose together and their moments look very adorable.

Next, Tzuyu and Sana were on one of their outdoor schedules and they were in a group photo session before starting their rehearsal. Tzuyu who wanted to start posing with V using her finger instead invited Sana who was next to her who continued to smile shyly while rubbing her head against Tzuyu’s head. This moment looks very funny because Sana is very clingy to Tzuyu.

Then, during their next comeback, Tzuyu and Sana had the courage to show the closeness of the two of them as friends. At the fan-signing event during the “TT” era, Tzuyu and Sana were seen showing their familiarity as friends. Sana bravely moved closer to Tzuyu and was seen doing a challenge to kiss Tzuyu’s forehead. The other TWICE members looked very surprised and accompanied by cheers from the ONCE who came to the fan signing event.

Furthermore, there is also Tzuyu’s reaction that looks very concerned about Sana’s cute and adorable behavior. At that time, Tzuyu looked very impressed with Sana’s style and behavior.

Tzuyu and Sana always look adorable, especially when they are interacting together. Many fans always pay attention to their moments and interactions which are very funny and it is true that Sana is always clingy when meeting Tzuyu.

Let’s look at a few moments and other interactions between Tzuyu and Sana below!

Interactions and moments between Tzuyu and Sana are indeed more common when they are at a fan signing event. The two of them can be often seen seated next to each other. After some more interaction, Tzuyu and Sana actually liked to flirt with one another.

Aside from the adorable interaction, Tzuyu and Sana have also been seen singing together while attending a fan-signing event. TWICE’s maknae, Tzuyu, looked very comfortable together with Sana and they sang a duet together.

Not only spreading happiness as friends during the fan-signing, Tzuyu and Sana also showed their closeness when TWICE was broadcasting a V-Live together. Tzuyu as the youngest member of the girl group became very spoiled with Sana and she became a member who often approached Tzuyu who was always happy to be spoiled.

Sana has indeed become a close member of TWICE and likes to tease Tzuyu at any time. She also always stole a glance and was seen paying attention to Tzuyu every moment then after that they laughed together. They certainly looked very close even when they were still in the trainee period.

So, what do you think about the interactions and moments between Tzuyu and Sana that you just saw? Are they really arguably best friends? If so, you can see more interactions and moments between Tzuyu and Sana together in the compilation video below!

Pictures and Selcas

After seeing the interactions and moments between Tzuyu and Sana, they were seen as TWICE members who were very close to each other. Even so, they are also best friends who can be said to complement one another.

There are many differences between them but with their mutual friendship, Tzuyu and Sana became good friends because they managed to get closer to each other. Tzuyu’s favorite color is Blue, while Sana’s is Purple. In addition, Sana also once said that she really liked the Japanese film titled A Liter of Tears and she cried just watching it. As for Tzuyu, she recommended a Taiwanese film titled Love so that the TWICE members watched it.

Sana really likes spicy food, while Tzuyu likes Tonkatsu and Kimbap. Sana likes yogurt smoothies and she hates eggplants and beans, while Tzuyu likes Choco-ae-mong which means Chocolate milk.

Sana and Tzuyu are also close friends with several members from other girl groups. They are very close to Gfriend’s Eunha and Tzuyu who are close to BLACKPINK’s Rose. Beside that, Tzuyu and Sana also entered the 100 Most Beautiful Faces category. Sana ranked 21st in the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 and Tzuyu was in the 3rd position in the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017.

Sana was also a member who fed Tzuyu Baskin Robins ice cream. One of her favorite flavors is Cookies and Cream. Tzuyu became the most spoiled maknae because all the members always seemed to love her.

Beside all the differences between them we just mentioned, Tzuyu and Sana additionally have different ideal types. Sana tends to like someone who can make her parents comfortable and can work hard in the career so he can be said to be a professional. As for Tzuyu, she has an ideal type in someone who understands the importance of filial piety; someone who loves her more, likes puppies, eats well, and someone who can approach her first.

Both have also appeared in music videos of other idol groups of JYP Entertainment. Sana appeared in GOT7’s music video titled A and Tzuyu appeared in GOT7’s music video titled Stop Stop It. Both of them do have very beautiful visuals so they can appear as models in music videos.

Tzuyu prefers to be praised if the people around her say: She is so talented” rather than saying: “She is so pretty,” while Sana has no specifics about praise from others because she is a typical girl who is very optimistic.