TWICE Tzuyu Profile (Height, Weight, Birthday and Nationality) and Fun Facts

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Chou Tzuyu Profile and Facts

Chou Tzuyu is a member of girl group TWICE and is originally from Taiwan. She began to get public attention from her appearance on the JYP reality show SIXTEEN and her charisma when competing in the 2016 archery competition at the Idol Star Athletics Championship. Her pure beauty and her height has attracted a lot of people to become ONCE.

TWICE Tzuyu’s Profile (Height, Weight, Birthday and Nationality)

Birth Name ― Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜)

Stage Name Tzuyu (쯔위)

English Name ― Sally Chou

Birth Date ― June 14th, 1999

Nationality ― Taiwanese

Blood Type ― A

Zodiac ― Gemini

Hobbies ― Watching performances, eating delicious food

Specialities ― Dance and throwing a ball really far

Habits ― Staring into space and suddenly vocalizing

Likes ― Going on trips with family and playing with puppies

Fashion Style ― Something that’s not too loud

Motto ― Hard work never betrays. Don’t be selfish and work hard. You can achieve anything

Favourite Music ― Pop songs, especially Beyonce

Favourite Drink  Choco-ae-mong

Favourite Animal  Dog

Favourite  Color  Indigo

Favourite Food  Kimbap

Favourite Song  Disney

Favourite Hobby  Eating

Favourite Perfume One given by her mother

Favourite Fashion  Simple white or black top, skinny jeans

TWICE Tzuyu Life Background : Education

Chou Tzuyu was born in Tainan, Taiwan on June 14, 1999. Her parents are entrepreneurs. She was seen by talent scouts at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan for ages 2-12, and become K-pop trainee for more 2 years after that. Her first appearance as a trainee was on South Korean JYP reality show SIXTEEN in 2015 and she later debuted as member of girl group TWICE in October 2015. Now, she currently attends Hanlim Multi Art School in Seoul with another member of TWICE, Chaeyoung.