From Gucci To Prada; Check Out The Princess-Like OOTDs Of TWICE’s Tzuyu

twice's tzuyu

Get to Know TWICE’s Princess, Tzuyu

Chou Tzuyu, also known as TWICE’s Tzuyu, has often shown her stunning style! Moreover, her visual and the inner beauty within her soul are something real, right? She’s also known for showing of her clothing style, which has made people curious about the fashions she wears. In this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about TWICE’s Tzuyu’s OOTDs and give you her inspiration style!

Airport Fashion

twice's tzuyu

Let’s start with her airport fashion style! Basically, this one used to be most K-pop idols’ favorite type style over any other. Tzuyu has amazed her fans with her effortless style, which always makes her look gorgeous!

During the winter, layering your clothes is one of the best ways to keep warm and look good! Tzuyu wore a ruffled midi skirt, paired with a khaki blazer and beige turtleneck. For a bit of an edge, she also wore a pair of Dr. Marten leather boots to completed her airport fashion look!

Tzuyu also made the airport into her own, personal runway! She was looking like a runway model in the black Louis Vuitton belted coat and pair of shining black leather ankle boots! This style made her look gorgeous and very chic at the same time!

For a simple airport fashion look, Tzuyu paired comfy, baggy striped pants with an oversized sweatshirt and also bucket hat! Not only that, she also carried a stylish hand bag from the brand AVAM!

Casual Style

twice's tzuyu

Actually, there’s not a lot of difference between Tzuyu’s casual style and her airport fashion style, since she is often seen at the airport dressed casually. Even when she has the day off and is just walking around to spend her days, her casual style is still kind of breathtaking!

TWICE’s Tzuyu was looking cool and a bit tomboyish in the black T-Shirt and light blue denim jacket shown above! Moreover, the oversized accents on her jacket made her style really gorgeous and cute at the same time!

For a casual and comfy style, you can get inspired by Tzuyu’s style in this oversized hoodie! She was wearing an all-white hoodie from the brand RDVZ, with oversized accents!

Even if it’s only a casual style, Tzuyu’s charm is something you can’t deny! She mixed a long-sleeved desert-camoflage T-shirt and a denim miniskirt to create this casual look! She kept her makeup light and natural, except for the red lipstick that offered a pop of color.

Girlfriend Looks

twice's tzuyu

ONCEs all over the world must agree that Tzuyu has her own ‘girlfriend’ vibe, especially from her physical appearance and her daily style! On certain occasions and with certain outfits, she really looks like girlfriend material!

twice's tzuyu

Imagine going to an arcade along with your crush: you could copy the girlfriend look from TWICE’s Tzuyu! While she was having fun at the arcade, she was wearing a basic striped T-shirt and oversized, long coat!

twice's tzuyu

If you are planning to have a coffee date, you can get inspired by Tzuyu, who was looking effortlessly stunning in the printed blouse shown above and natural makeup! The pattern on her blouse give an arty, slightly bohemian feel to the outfit.!

twice's tzuyu

For a basic and simple girlfriend look, Tzuyu was wearing an oversized graphic tee and high-waisted denim skirt! For a feminine look, she wore her hair soft and loose, and dressed the outfit up a little with her bracelet!

Red Carpet

twice's tzuyu

Every female K-pop idol wants to look like a goddess during special events, especially on the red carpet. Tzuyu has been been to a lot of red carpet events, and her fashion style on those occasions was really awesome! She has a knack for looking chic and luxurious, without getting too extravagant!

Please welcome the Gucci woman, TWICE’s Tzuyu! In the picture above, she’s wearing a long-sleeved silk dress from Gucci, with a tie accent and monochrome colours! Her brownish hair really matched her outfit!

Tzuyu was showing her feminine and girly side in a pair of satin heels, and the pink solid flare dress from the brand Jill Stuart! Since the outfit was a solid color, it made her it gaveh er a very neat and classy look!

Tzuyu proved that a preppy style is perfectly appropriate for the red carpet when she wore the plaid suit and white blouse with the ribbon accent in the photo above! To complete her look, a pair of over-the-knee black stockings and loafers made her look polished and elegant.