TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Dog, Gucci, Passed Away — Check Out Their Moments Here!

Tzuyu dog Gucci

Details About TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Dog Passing Away

All TWICE fans already know that some of TWICE’s members have their own pets who are also very popular, for example, Tzuyu’s Pomeranian named Gucci. The youngest member of TWICE adopted Gucci on December 6, 2009, and the dog has appeared in a lot of TWICE’s content and Instagram posts. But, unfortunately, Gucci was reported to have passed away. When did Gucci die? How does Tzuyu feel, and what are the fans’ responses regarding the news?

Through this article, you can find all of the answers and information because Channel-Korea has provided everything about TWICE’s Tzuyu‘s dog, Gucci’s death. So, keep on reading!

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Pomeranian Passed Away

Tzuyu dog gucci died

There was sad news from the youngest member of TWICE, Tzuyu. On September 23, 2020, Tzuyu shared the sad news with her fans that her beloved pet passed away. The pet named Gucci is a Pomeranian that accompanied her for 11 years.

Through TWICE’s Instagram @twicetagram, Tzuyu announced and posted a photo about her dog and expressed her feelings. She said:

“Gucci, died on Tuesday afternoon (September 23, 2020). Gucci, thank you for leaving so many beautiful memories with us. At your 11th age, I know your health wasn’t good. But, you’re a dog that is always full of warmth, smart, kind, and handsome. You always take care of us secretly.”

Tzuyu admitted that she really lost her lovely dog. Every time she would go home, Gucci would greet her warmly, and Tzuyu would always play with Gucci in her spare time.

ONCE’s Response to Gucci’s Death

tzuyu dog Gucci's death

After knowing this news, all of TWICE’s fans (ONCE) felt shocked and sad at the same time. All of TWICE’s fans gave their condolences through SNS such as Twitter. Almost all of them shared Gucci’s photos and expressed their sadness about losing Tzuyu’s beloved dog. Here are some of TWICE’s fan tweets about Gucci’s death:

“Tzuyu’s latest IG post says that Gucci has passed away…. I’m so sorry. Rest in peace little angel (love)” – @misayeon

“We just celebrate her birthday months ago I think…. but Gucci just left us (sad).. Thanks for everything Gucci… Rest well little angel… You gonna stay in our hearts forever (love)” – @Surfer_Silver92

“2020, and Tzuyu really can’t catch a break… We love you Gucci <3” – @NayeonsEuphoria

Tzuyu dog gucci passed away
Tzuyu dog gucci passed away

It’s deeply regretted that Gucci’s death coincided with Nayeon’s birthday. Previously, TWICE and ONCE had lost their other beloved dog Bbosong (Jeongyeon‘s dog) on Tzuyu’s birthday in 2019.

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Dog, Gucci’s Funeral

Tzuyu's dog gucci funeral

On October 5, 2020, Gucci’s funeral was shared by the pet cemetery official account (四方寵物樂園) on Facebook with Chinese subtitle. The account also wrote a caption from Tzuyu’s caption in her post dedicated to Gucci.

Tzuyu dog gucci funeral
Tzuyu dog gucci funeral

The video shows Gucci’s cremation process and funeral rituals. Many ONCE members miss Gucci a lot and send prayers for this dog, but also, there are fans who protested because the video was uploaded. They said that it was weird and very disrespectful to spread the video. One of ONCE (Twice fans) said that it was wrong to witness something so private and intimate when Tzuyu wasn’t there.

Here’s the video.

Remembering TWICE’s Tzuyu and Gucci’s Moments

Tzuyu and her dog gucci moment

Tzuyu is like a mom for Gucci as well as Gucci being like a cute baby for Tzuyu. Losing Gucci isn’t a good thing for Tzuyu and ONCE, but let’s bring the memories back by seeing every beautiful moment between Tzuyu and Gucci through the photos below!

Tzuyu always took Gucci wherever she went like on her mid-autumn vacation to Hanshini Forest in Chiayi, Taiwan.

Tzuyu and her dog gucci moment
Tzuyu and her dog gucci moment
Tzuyu and her dog gucci moment

Tzuyu also took selcas together with Gucci wherever she was.

Tzuyu and her dog gucci moment
Tzuyu and her dog gucci moment
Tzuyu and gucci moment

So, that’s all the information about Gucci’s death and Tzuyu’s moments with her beloved dog. After Gucci’s death, Tzuyu adopted new dogs named Kaya and Butter. Even so, all of the memories with Gucci will never be forgotten. If you love Tzuyu and Gucci, please put your opinion and support in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends!