TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Dance Focus Compilation On Stage

What Is Love

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ONCEs are in love with Tzuyu’s natural beauty. Through one of the dance focus videos from during the What Is Love era, Tzuyu was looking pure and innocent with a cropped T-shirt and cute pink miniskirt! You can see her in the dance focus video from TWICE’s performance on M COUNTDOWN in 2018. She wore her hair loose and natural, and for this comeback, it was a dark brown. In keeping with the main concept of What Is Love, she was giving off a cute and feminine vibe.

People are always impressed with Tzuyu’s dancing skills! Moreover, What Is Love has also become one of the most likely appearances from TWICE, as well! In this video, her dancing moves looked soft, smooth, and very natural. Her elegant charisma can brighten up any dark clouds, don’t you agree?

When it came to Tzuyu’s part, she sparkled with her own charm! The way she sang and the way her body moves easily hypnotized people within a second! Watch Tzuyu’s performance of What Is Love here:

Cheer Up

twice tzuyu

During the Cheer Up era, we could see that Tzuyu often appeared in looks that were girly and sweet, just like in one of the fan cam videos of her Cheer Up performance on MBC’s Music Core in 2016. She was looking cheerful in a white cropped top and pleated navy miniskirt! She completed her style with tall socks and sneakers, as well. Her style made Tzuyu look like a cute high school student, right?

Her iconic dark hair also made her appearance look even more breathtaking! The combination of natural beauty and the cute image she was rocking in the Cheer Up era was something that you couldn’t deny! Besides her cute look, she was also showing off her dancing skills with every powerful move that she made!

During the Cheer Up era, Tzuyu was mostly seen wearing sporty-cute outfits which were in keeping with the Cheer Up photo concept! Through the photo concept, Tzuyu was also looking cute with a sport jersey outfit, as well! We should thank everyone who made those dance focus videos of Tzuyu, so we can see her cute appearance at any time!

Watch TWICE’s Tzuyu’s performance of Cheer Up here:

Dance The Night Away

twice tzuyu

Last but not least, there’s Tzuyu’s performance in Dance The Night Away! Just like the other dance focus fancam videos, Tzuyu was in the spotlight during the group’s performance on M COUNTDOWN in 2018! This time, Tzuyu impressed her fans with her soft and elegant appearance wearing mostly shades of blue. Her hair was brownish for this comeback, and she wore it long, loose, and wavy. Meanwhile, for her outfit, Tzuyu was looking effortlessly beautiful in a long halter dress!

Since Dance The Night Away has the ‘holiday summer’ concept, Tzuyu’s performances during this era looked very fresh and made us think of summer parties!

Even that long dress wasn’t a problem for Tzuyu. Her dancing was still amazing! She also showed off her natural charisma as the visual of the group during her performance, as well!

Watch TWICE’s Tzuyu’s performance of Dance The Night Away here:

That was all for our compilation of TWICE’s Tzuyu dance focus videos! The evidence we’ve given you shows just how ethereal her dancing can be! Through every performance, she always looked breathtaking and never made a misstep! Let’s always support TWICE’s Tzuyu, and wait for another magnificent dance focus video from her!

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