TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Dance Focus Compilation On Stage

twice tzuyu

Let’s Take a Look at This Dance Compilation from TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE’s Tzuyu is known for always giving amazing performances, whether it’s during TWICE concerts, photoshoots, or during any other appearances. One of the easiest ways to see what we mean is to look at compilations of her focus-cam footage, so in this article, Channel Korea will give you one of those compilations. Keep reading!


twice tzuyu

Let’s start with one of Tzuyu’s dance focus videos during a performance of Fancy! Below is a dance focus video from 2019’s M COUNTDOWN! Tzuyu was looking more grown up than usual in a colorful printed minidress and straight, brownish hair. Even with the more mature look, she still give off that little bit of cuteness, though.

Tzuyu’s dancing was comfortable and smooth, flawlessly executing the steps of the choreography and following the rhythm. For her individual part, Tzuyu amazed her fans with both her great dancing moves and the ‘flirt’ vibes she was giving off, as well!

Fancy‘s main concept was another level of girl crush that was designed to show the group’s mature side, and she adopted that concept really well! Through her outfit and style choices, there was a bit of a shift from her usual innoncent image.

You can watch Tzuyu’s performance of Fancy here:


twice tzuyu

One of Tzuyu’s most adorable appearances was during a performance of Likey in 2017 on M COUNTDOWN. She was looking cute and pure in a maroon blouse and black skirt! She wore her hair in a half ponytail, adding a little ribbon bow on top of it! Not only that, her reddish-brown hair also matched her overall style, right?

Tzuyu started the appearance with soft and adorable moves, then as the rhythm became more upbeat, we could see her dancing become more powerful! She was giving off Goddess vibes that left the viewers gasping

Just like the main concept of Likey, during this era TWICE’s Tzuyu was seen with a ‘girl-crush’ image, with a feminine and somewhat colorful concept. Watch Tzuyu’s dance focus video for Likey here:

Feel Special

twice tzuyu

There’s also her dance focus video for her Feel Special performance through MBC’s Show Music Core in 2019! People got really excited, since TTzuyu was dyed her hair blond for this appearance! Previously, her hair had always been black or some other darker color.

Through her performance, Tzuyu was looked like a little mermaid in her white minidress and shining blond hair! Besides her charming look, she also gave another perfect performance.

Since the main concept of Feel Special was elegant and featured rose-gold colours, we could also see Tzuyu’s inner beauty shining through! The mixture of powerful dancing moves and elegance in her performance was really splendid!

Watch TWICE’s Tzuyu’s dance focus video for Feel Special here:


twice tzuyu

When YES or YES is playing, the upbeat song will easily lift your mood. So will Tzuyu’s performance during YES or YES, which again left viewers amazed! In the YES or YES era, Tzuyu was stunning wither her long, black hair and colorful outfits!

During one of her performances of YES or YES, Tzuyu was looking gorgeous in a white, long-sleeved top and reddish checked skirt! You can take a peek at her outfit in the dance focus video from TWICE’s performance on M COUNTDOWN in 2018! The style suited her image really well, and was accented with her high ponytail!

Her natural charm as a visual of the group made her performance mesmerizing! Her dancing kept pace with the upbeat rhythm and powerful melodies. It’s hard to take your eyes off of Tzuyu’s performance on the show.

Watch her dance focus video performance for YES or YES here: