Check Out TWICE’s Sexy Moments Here!


Can TWICE Pull Off a Sexy Concept?

It’s undeniable that K-Pop is now recognized and has increased its global attention. With so many new idol groups debuting all the time, it’s no surprise that some of them would be willing to do any concepts to get their name known by the public. Take TWICE, for example, the group is one of the most popular girl groups around lately. Even though there are a lot of concepts and themes to choose other than the typical ones, they consistently go with cutie-sexy, fun or lovely concept.

Some people or haters may have grown tired of the cutesy already, but there’s nothing wrong with a group sticking to a specific image. Because in every comeback, TWICE always does well with it, thus fans and most of the public consider them as a likable group. But if you pay attention to TWICE closely, with their pretty faces and well-proportioned bodies, they could also easily pull off the sexy & fierce concept! Have you noticed their alluring moments before? Keep on reading to find out about their sexy moments!

TWICE Members Sexy Moments


Most of K-Pop fans would consider TWICE’s overall concept as ‘cute’ rather than ‘girl-crush’. To this, the concept works well in Asia, especially in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries. They are, indeed, the queens of cuteness. However, with their looks, they can most definitely be successful with a totally different concept. In fact, they have done a few performances where they revealed a more powerful and sexier side of them. Here are some jaw-dropping sexy performances you should watch!

TWICE Sexy Dance Video Performances

TWICE’s Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina performed “Adult Ceremony” sexy dance in the sixth episode of “TWICE’s Private Life.”

TWICE performed at the “2017 KBS Song Festival” with a unit stage that they’ve only shown at their solo concerts. The girl group showcased a more sophisticated, chic, and sexy side that differs from their usual bright and bubbly image.

In the 4th episode of Hit The Stage, Momo and Mina expressed a dangerous love through their dance. While Mina was trapped in a structure, Momo danced powerfully around the structure. Mina and Momo′s acting skills were highlighted by their facial expressions. They challenged themselves with a genre that they haven’t tried before.

In episode 967 of Inkigayo, TWICE performed “Dance The Night Away” wearing their sexy dresses.

TWICE performed a cover of Wonder Girls’ hit song “So Hot” on a special stage of MCOUNTDOWN. They performed it on the 500th episode of the show, back on November 10th, 2016.

TWICE Sexy Practice Dance Videos

TWICE Members Sexy Outfits: Photos & Videos

On July 10th, 2018, TWICE members had fun dancing and playing games on the idol variety show JTBC’s Idol Room. During the show, the girls also showed they are able to do sexy concepts by making sexy remarks (video above) and then dancing to ‘sexy versions’ of “TT,” “Knock Knock,” “What is Love?,” “Signal,” and “Heart Shaker.”

TWICE’s Nayeon Sexy Fancam of Gashina Dance Cover

Nayeon’s Sexy Black Outfit from the “2016 SBS Gayo Daejun” Performance


Nayeon’s Sexy Little Red Devil Costume


Jungyeon’s Sexy Fancam of “Saturday Night+U-Go-Girl” Performance

Jungyeon’s Sexy Shoulders & Long Legs


Jungyeon’s Sexy Hot Pants


Momo’s Sexy Fancam of “Partition” Performance on 1ST TOUR TWICELAND

Momo’s Sexy Debut Outfit


Momo’s Sexy Hip


Sana’s Sexy Fancam of “Likey” Performance

Sana’s Sexy Body Line in Short Dress


Sana’s Sexy Body Line in Short Dress


Mina’s Sexy Fancam of the “Do It Again” Performance

Mina’s Sexy Body in Black Outfits


Mina’s Sexy White Skin in a Crop Top


Jihyo’s Sexy Fancam of the “Dance The Night Away” Performance

Jihyo’s Sexy Figure in Airport Fashion


Jihyo’s Sexy Figure in Dress


Dahyun’s Sexy Fancam of the “Dance The Night Away” Performance

Dahyun’s Sexy Figure in Cheerleader Outfits


Dahyun’s Sexy Blue Outfits


Chaeyoung’s Sexy Fancam of the “Hold Me Tight” Performance

Chaeyoung’s Sexy Athletic Body in Black Outfits


Chaeyoung’s Sexy Dress


Tzuyu’s Sexy Fancam of “Hush” Performance at the 2018 KBS Songs Festival

Tzuyu’s Sexy Long Legs


Tzuyu’s Sexy Long Legs & Elegant Poses


TWICE’s Latest News from Early January 2019

  • At the 2018 KBS World Award, in the category of K-Pop, two groups under JYPE, GOT7 and TWICE respectively won the Best Boy Group Award and the Best Girl Group Award, announced in early January 2019.
  • TWICE will hold 4 dome tour concerts visiting three Japanese cities with a kick-off tour at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on March 21st, Tokyo Dome on March 29th and 30th, with a final stop at the Nagoya Dome on April 6th.
  • On January 10th, TWICE released the Japanese version of the music video for “Likey.” The original Korean track was released in October of 2017, and the Japanese MV features the same teenage concept. “Likey” is included in TWICE’s upcoming 2nd best-of album ‘#TWICE2’, which will feature TWICE’s hit tracks. The album is set to release on March 6th, 2019, and will be a sequel following their first Japanese release ‘#TWICE’ that was released on June 28th, 2017.