From ‘Ooh Ahh’ to ‘Fancy’, Which Era is Your Favorite TWICE’s Sana’s Style?

Sana Twice

Meet One Of The Members Of The Famous Idol Girl Group TWICE, Sana.

Sana Minatozaki, born on December 29th, 1996, commonly known by the mononym Sana, is a Japanese singer currently based in South Korea. She debuted in 2015 as a member of the South Korean girl group Twice under JYP Entertainment. In Gallup Korea’s annual music poll for 2018, Sana was voted the 17th most popular idol in South Korea, and the highest-ranked Japanese.

During her career as a member of the popular girl group in South Korea, she had gone through various eras during her group promotions. In this article, we have collected some of her styles from the “Ooh Aah” era to the “Fancy era.” And we would like to know which one do you like the most? So, stay tuned.

Her Debut in “Ooh Aah”

On her debut in the “Ooh Aah” music video, she appeared with a very adorable look. With her curly hair tied into two parts in her cheerleader outfit.

On Pict

And in the teaser image, still with her curly hair tied into two parts, she is dressed in a red set.

Cheer Up

Sana is known for her legendary “Shy Shy Shy” line from TWICE’s national hit “Cheer Up,” she also pulled off the cute concept perfectly. In this era, she appeared with long blonde hair and the color was also very suitable for her. Check out the photos below.


In the “TT” era, her appearance this time, it was very beautiful. Her long black hair with a little mix of colors at the bottom of her hair made her look really pretty in that appearance.

Knock Knock

In TWICE’s comeback stage in the “Knock Knock” era, Sana appeared with long hair tied up.



“Signal” has a science-fiction-fantasy theme featuring an alien and the nine members of Twice with their own superpowers, and she is the one who has the power of invisibility. In the image teaser and music video of “Signal,” she appeared with long hair that was left loose wearing a blue hairpin.

One More Time

For the first time, during her career as a TWICE member, in this comeback, she appeared with long hair with bangs and it looks so pretty.



Just like her previous comeback in “One More Time,” also in the “Likey’ era she still maintains her bangs and looks loveable.


Heart Shaker

Looks very simple but still pretty as always, with casual clothes and long hair, as usual, this is how she looked during the “Heart Shaker” era.

Candy Pop

In the music video for “Candy Pop,” Sana is wearing a pink wig and looks so cute and she is like an anime character.

What is Love?

She appeared again with dark hair on her comeback this time, she is very pretty as usual.


Wake Me Up

In this comeback, she looks elegant with her bangs, and it looks like her elegant appearance is supported by the clothes that she wears.

Yes or Yes?

And the concept of the comeback this time is the same as before, she looks elegant with that hairstyle and the outfit.