TWICE’s Sana: Profile, Facts, Pre-debut, Visual

Sana Official Debut with TWICE

Debuting in 2015, TWICE was fronted by 9 members, namely Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Chaeyoung, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun and Tzuyu who won several awards at several music events at a relatively young age. Supported by visuals, songs and slick dance choreography, it’s no wonder TWICE always releases hits that are always trending on every comeback.

The story of JYP Entertainment’s trainee journey through ‘SIXTEEN’ has finally come to it’s happy ending. TWICE debuted in 2015 with 9 members, namely Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Tzuyu, Momo and Chaeyoung.

Their debut was marked by the release of the album ‘The Story Begins’ with their debut single titled Like OOH-AHH as the title track. This song was written by a famous composer, Black Eyed Pilseung, who previously also wrote songs for missA’s Only You and GOT7’s If You Do.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that this song was successfully watched by more than 50 Million users on the YouTube channel and got the title as the most watched debut music video, shifting 2NE1’s popularity with its music video entitled Fire. Since that debut, TWICE has received a lot of advertisement offers and contracts.

The success continued until finally on December 2, 2015, TWICE was nominated for the category ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best New Female Artist’ and the ‘2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’ and successfully won the award as ‘Best New Female Artist’ at the age of just 2 months of debut.

TWICE Sana’s Aesthetic Visual

TWICE’s Sana is indeed known as a member from Japan who has her own beauty. Many people like TWICE’s Sana because of the aegyo that went viral during one of her parts in Cheer Up, which is ‘Shy, Shy, Shy’. Since then, TWICE’s Sana has become a popular member with her aegyo and her original cuteness as her character. TWICE’s Sana is also have a cute expression as well as her personality.

Naturally, TWICE’s Sana is tall and slender. She is also a member of TWICE who is famous for her ideal body and face that supports her appearance so she is known as a very cute member and always looks flawless in any outfit.

TWICE’s Sana is also one of the members who often gets the opportunity to change her appearance with different hairstyles. Many fans have also fallen in love with TWICE’s Sana’s performances that always look different from the others and are always beautiful wearing new concepts every comeback. Therefore, TWICE’s Sana can be said as another visual or face of the group from this girl group under JYP Entertainment.

Although coming from Japan, TWICE’s Sana is also able to show her beauty as a K-Pop idol who has a natural beauty and appearance. You could say, Sana always looks beautiful in every photo and never looks ugly even in the light make-up she wears. TWICE’s Sana looks like a goddess with the visuals she has right now without having to go through any drastic changes since her predebut.

Do you agree that TWICE’s Sana has the appeal of her natural beauty?

TWICE Sana and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Friendship

TWICE and Stray Kids are two groups under the direction of JYP Entertainment. TWICE debuted two years ahead of Stray Kids. Despite having different career periods, some of their personnel underwent the same trainee period. One of them is TWICE’s Sana and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan.

Together through difficult career struggles. TWICE’s Sana and Stary Kids’ Bang Chan are often seen sharing support for each other. Their friendship has been for years before it became popular. They have also successfully debuted as idols under JYP Entertainment and both come from abroad. TWICE’s Sana originated and raised in Japan while Stray Kids’ Bang Chan was born and raised in Australia.

TWICE’s Sana also wrote a caption on Instagram and said that she and Bang Chan have been friends since they were trainees and are like siblings. The post was uploaded by TWICE’s Sana as support for Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s comeback. They also often upload their closeness, such as brothers and sisters.

Not only that, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin did a live broadcast and they were suddenly interrupted by the arrival of TWICE’s Sana. The Stray Kids members were surprised by TWICE’s Sana’s sudden appearance and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan wasn’t shy about asking Sana why she came. However, TWICE’s Sana doesn’t answer that question and talk about other topics. After a while, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan decided to ask TWICE’s Sana again why she came.

In 2017, the survival program ‘Stray Kids’ that was produced by JYP Entertainment released a new video featuring a trainee’s cute interactions with TWICE. The video shows the atmosphere behind the stage before the holding of this event. At that time TWICE was getting ready to appear on a special stage. Suddenly TWICE was approached by trainee Bang Chan who was shy and nervous into the room. TWICE also welcomed the trainee with a warm greeting.

Twice seemed to intend to encourage the trainee’s struggle. However, TWICE’s Sana and the other members chose to show it in a way of ignorant taunts that brought laughter to everyone in the room. TWICE members saying in an agreement, “This is the road to your debut,” they joked.

After Bang Chan stood among them, TWICE’s Jeongyeon looked surprised at the trainee’s height compared to the other TWICE members. “Chan used to be this high,” TWICE’s Sana brought up while placing her hands at shoulder level. “I’m not that small,” protested Bang Chan. But TWICE members responded together by confirming TWICE’s Sana opinion. “You and GOT7’s BamBam used to be the same height,” TWICE’s Jihyo added.

Well, that was all for the information about TWICE’s Sana’s full profile, fun facts, predebut story until she became a contestant on JYP Entertainment’s survival show ‘SIXTEEN’. TWICE’s Sana has finally been able to prove that she can debut as a K-Pop idol member from Japan.

Not only that, but she also always looks stunning with her natural beauty that attracts her fans as well. Let’s continue to provide support for TWICE’s Sana so that she shines even more on her future career with the group.

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