TWICE’s Sana’s Boyfriend: Dating Rumors, Her Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Etc.

twice sana boyfriend

TWICE’s Sana’s Dating History: Rumored Boyfriend and Ideal Type

Do you consider Sana as your bias from the girl group TWICE? If you do, this article is good for you! TWICE’s Sana is a Japanese member who has a bright and cheerful image that made her popular among fans. They started to wonder, is Sana dating someone?

Since her debut day, Sana has never revealed her boyfriend which is probably because she never had one or she just doesn’t date publicly. However, some netizens smell dating rumors revolving around TWICE’s members including Sana.

In this article, Channel Korea will give you more details about Sana’s love life, so stay tuned!

TWICE’s Sana Never Revealed Her Boyfriend

twice sana boyfriend

As one of the rising K-pop stars, many fans are curious about the dating history of TWICE’s Sana. However, she never revealed about her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. But, still, Sana once explained that she once confessed to a boy while she was in kindergarten!

Aside from that, when the group appeared on Radio Star and talked about TWICE being banned from dating, Sana seemed to indicate that the members might have gone on casual or unofficial dates. Well, do you think that Sana once dated someone in the past?

TWICE’s Sana’s Dating Rumors With Male Idols

twice sana boyfriend

Even though Sana isn’t dating anyone currently, she used to be involved in a dating rumor. The fact that Sana is also famous among K-pop male idols has made the rumors expand. Are you curious about that? Find the details here!

TWICE’s Sana and EXO’s Suho

twice sana boyfriend exo suho boyfriend

K-pop fans started to link TWICE’s Sana with EXO’s Suho and started assuming that they were possibly dating. The reason behind that was because Sana and Suho shared the same picture background while they were in Hong Kong separately.

twice sana boyfriend
exo suho boyfriend

At first, Sana shared beautiful scenery with a building as the background. Shortly after that, Suho also posted a picture of himself in Hong Kong with the same building as in Sana’s picture. There is no official statement either from JYP Entertainment (TWICE’s agency) or SM Entertainment (EXO’s agency) about their dating news. Well, rumor has it, right?

The Reason Why TWICE’s Sana Is Popular Among K-Pop Male Idols

twice sana boyfriend

Even though Sana isn’t officially dating any male K-pop idols, she is very famous among them. This fact is also acknowledged by fans who comment that Sana’s charm is something that people can’t deny!

Many male K-pop idols are crazy over Sana. They don’t hesitate to reveal that TWICE’s Sana is their ideal type or their favorite female K-pop idol. One of Sana’s fanboys is SHINee’s Key.

twice sana boyfriend shinee key

When Sana, Momo, and Key appeared on Amazing Saturday and united as a team, he didn’t hesitate to show off his admiration towards Sana. Moreover, Key also recorded a moment when Sana said something to him with his phone!

twice sana and onf u boyfriend

Not only that but Sana is also known as a friendly person, even towards male idols. While TWICE participated in the ISAC event, many fans noticed that Sana made a friendly gesture towards ONF’s U.

TWICE’s Sana’s Ideal Type

twice sana boyfriend

On a certain occasion, TWICE’s Sana revealed her ideal type. If she is about to look for a boyfriend, she prefers someone who can treat her parents very well. Aside from that, Sana also likes someone who is passionate about their work and has proven hard work as well. We hope that Sana will find a guy like her ideal type soon!

Even though Sana hasn’t been dating anyone currently, we still get to know that her charm is undoubtful. No wonder many male K-pop idols fall for her! Do you also think that TWICE’s Sana has a lot of charms? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article with your ONCE friends!