TWICE and Members’ Pets: Names, Breeds, and Cute Moments

twice pets name

Let’s Check Out TWICE Members With Their Furry Little Friends!

We already know that TWICE is a famous group under JYP Entertainment. The group is known for its catchy songs, cute concept, and amazing visuals. But, did you know that some of the members have pets that are as popular as their owners? If you are curious about their pets, you can get information about them through this article.

But, before that, you should check out the list of TWICE members’ pets below:

TWICE Member Pet Name Breed Lives At
Nayeon Kookeu Pomeranian TWICE’s Dorm
  • Petco
  • Pudding
  • Lucky
  • Boo
  • Dobby
  • Jack Russell (Petco, Pudding, Lucky)
  • Norwich Terrier (Boo & Dobby)
  • Momo’s House in Japan
  • TWICE’s Dorm
  • Bbosong
  • Nanan
  • Bami
  • White Pomeranian
  • Puddle
  • Scottish Fold
Bami lives with Jeongyeon Sister
Mina Ray Dachshund Mina’s House in Japan
Dahyun Ari Maltese
  • Gucci
  • Kaya
  • Butter
  • Pomeranian
  • Dachshund/mixed
  • Tzuyu’s Parents’ House
  • Tzuyu’s House/TWICE’s Dorm


TWICE’s Nayeon’s Pet Dog: Kookeu

twice nayeon pet

This oldest TWICE member adopted a 2-month-old cute Pomeranian named Kookeu in November 2017. Her dog looks like BTS’ V’s dog, Yeontan. However, Kookeu has a white and soft-brown color. Her dog is a fluffy and adorable Pomeranian, and Nayeon loves Kookeu very much even though she is afraid of a dog with a big size.

nayeon and kookeu

Nayeon always shows off her moments with Kookeu on social media. Even in 2020, TWICE fans (ONCE) were getting jealous because of Kookeu. Nayeon posted her photo with her wearing a white t-shirt and lying on the bed with her cute pet.

nayeon and kookeu
Nayeon pet dog

Not only that but Nayeon treats her pet well like her own child, and she often brings Kookeu when she does a live broadcast on Vlive. She is a good mother!

TWICE’s Momo’s Pet Dogs: Petco, Pudding, and Lucky

Twice momo pet

Unlike Nayeon, Momo is the only TWICE member who has many pet dogs. The member who is called the dancing machine has three cute furry friends, namely Petco, Pudding, and Lucky, and the three of them are female. All of Momo’s dogs live at her house in Japan so she always misses them.

In 2017, Momo had introduced Lucky to her fans through TWICE’s Instagram account.

Twice momo pets

Momo got the beautiful Jack Russell when she was in elementary school, and it was said during a live broadcast on Vlive with Tzuyu. She also showed Pudding, Petco, and Lucky’s photos. Momo admitted that she always teases her dogs because they are too cute!

Twice momo pets
Twice momo pets

Momo really loves her dogs, and she always writes her dogs’ names in the “Thanks to” sections of their albums.

Momo Adopted New Pet Dogs: Boo & Dobby

Twice momo new dog

Having a dog allergy doesn’t mean it can stop her from adopting new dogs. As of May 12, 2020, Momo suddenly introduced her first adopted dog on a Vlive named Boo.

twice momo and boo

Momo takes Boo frequently wherever she goes, such as accompanying her during photoshoots, while filming, or to walk around together. Then, she shares their moments on social media such as Instagram.

twice momo boo
twice momo boo

Then, on January 21, 2021, Momo posted her new pet photo through TWICE’s Instagram @twicetagram. She adopted a Norwich Terrier which she named Dobby. She felt pity for Dobby so she took it, and now Dobby is fine and playing with Boo.

Twice momo dobby

So, here are Momo’s cute moments with Dobby and Boo!

Twice momo dobby boo
Twice momo new dog

TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Pet Dogs: Bbosang & Nanan

Twice jeongyeon pet

Jeongyeon has two dogs, namely the white Pomeranian Bbosong and the poodle Nanan. She really loves her dogs, and she always plays and walks around with them.

Twice jeongyeon pet

But, on June 13, 2019, the cute Bbosong died. In 2018, Bbosong had been sick. This information was announced by Jeongyeon’s sister’s Instagram, Sungyeong (0sungyeon). Meanwhile, Jeongyeon had cried at TWICE’s concert TWICELIGHTS in Bangkok. It was because a day before her flight to Bangkok, she got a piece of bad news about Bbosong, and then she had to postpone the flight.

jeongyeon bbosong die
jeongyeon bbosong

Jeongyeon’s Cat: Bami

Jeongyeon cat

Besides having two dogs, she also has an adorable cat named Bami. Bami is a Scottish Fold cat that belongs more to Jeongyeon’s sister. However, Jeongyeon really cares about Bami. Jeongyeon always shows her moments with Bami in every moment such as during live broadcasts or on Instagram.

Jeongyeon and bami
Jeongyeon and bami

Being an animal lover made Jeongyeon a philanthropist. She became a volunteer in 2020 to help discarded animals, especially dogs and cats. In 2021, Jeongyeon along with her sister donated 50 million won to a cat and dog shelter in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

TWICE’s Mina’s Pet Dog: Ray

Mina twice dog

Same as Momo, Mina is a Japanese member who has a dog named Ray. Mina’s dog is a male Dachshund, and he is the one and only love for Mina. She and her dog lived together before Mina debuted as an idol, and now this Dachshund dog is getting more handsome.

In 2016, Ray turned 10 years old, and Mina uploaded Ray’s photo with his favorite snacks.

Mina twice dog

Besides that, Mina also video called with Ray through Skype to wish him a happy 10th birthday. Mina uploaded the video captured on TWICE’s Instagram.

Mina twice dog ray
Mina twice dog

Ray is the oldest pet among the other TWICE members. Currently, Rai is 14 years old!

Mina twice dog

TWICE’s Dahyun’s Pet Dog: Ari

Twice dahyun dog

TWICE’s Dahyun asked her parents to give her a dog to help her overcome her fear of dogs, so she adopted a cute Maltese named Ari. It turned out that method was very effective to overcome her fear. In fact, now she can’t live without Ari.

Dahyun and dog 
Dahyun and Ari

If she is far away from Ari, she will be missed. It happened when Sana went to Japan, and then Dahyun missed her lovely dog. She always tells everything about Ari. She said that the canine can do some tricks such as laying down and handshakes. However, no one knows where and with whom Ari lives.

TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Pet Dogs: Gucci, Kaya, & Butter

twice tzuyu dogs

Tzuyu has three dogs, namely Gucci, Kaya, and Butter, and her first dog was Gucci. Gucci has accompanied her for 11 years and lives at Tzuyu’s parents’ house in Taiwan. Tzuyu treats Gucci like her child so she takes care of him lovingly. Gucci was getting famous among the fans as well as Tzuyu, but sadly, on September 23, 2020, Gucci died.

tzuyu gucci

Two months after Gucci passed away, Tzuyu announced that she nurtured two puppies named Kaya and Butter. Tzuyu adopted Kaya and Butter until they can find a good new family to take care of them.

tzuyu kaya butter

Even though Butter doesn’t obey Tzuyu well, Tzuyu admitted that Butter is really sweet and adorable. Here is the cute Butter!

Tzuyu and butter

Meanwhile, Kaya is a black-colored dog that is calmer than Butter. Kaya wasn’t as naughty as Butter who once dropped the wastebasket and pulled out a tissue in the bathroom.

tzuyu and kaya
tzuyu and kaya

Among the 9 members, only 3 members haven’t had pets at all. They are Jihyo, Sana, and Chaeyoung. So, that’s all the information about TWICE’s pets. Seeing TWICE members have pets probably makes you want to have one, too.

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