TWICE Members Natural No Makeup Faces


How Will TWICE Look Without Makeup?

K-pop idols have been known for their authentic beauty, whether they are on stage or back stage. The popularity if Hallyu has spread all over the world, as Korea is known for their pretty girls and their specialty in makeup. People nowadays have the perception that Korean girls are beautiful because they put makeup on.

But have you ever wondered, what a female k-pop idol look like without their makeup? Here, we will release the photos of TWICE members natural no makeup faces! Let’s check it out and give us your opinions, do they still look stunning without makeup on?

TWICE Before & After Photos

Here are the photos of TWICE members before and after wearing makeup. Let’s check them out one by one!

1. Momo TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


The first member is Momo! With the same hair color, both pictures are showing different situations. The left one is when Momo and other TWICE members attended an event, and of course, Momo put her make-up on. She looks gorgeous with the earrings on both of her ears.

While the right photo shows a picture of Momo when she visited a dental clinic in Seoul. Momo didn’t put any make-up on her face, but she still looks gorgeous. Can you spot any differences? Momo looks pretty with or without make-up, right?

2. Nayeon TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


Just like Momo’s picture, this comparison picture of Nayeon with and without make-up also showing the same hair color and hairstyle of her. But, of course, there are slight differences between the pictures.

The left photo is when Nayeon was in stage, performing Twice’s song. As an idol, it’s an obligation for Nayeon to wear make-up, did hairstyle, etc. Nayeon’s pretty face with make-up on is really familiar, right?

But the right photo, where Nayeon didn’t put any make-up is also familiar, don’t you think so? Even when she appeared with her bare-face, Nayeon still looks pretty as when she put her make-up on. Nayeon is really the definition of gorgeous!

3. Jihyo TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


After seeing pictures of Jihyo with and without her make-up, do you think it’s so unfair since she really looks pretty in both conditions? The left photo is Jihyo when she didn’t have any make-up on her face. Her beauty looks so natural. And don’t forget that her eyebrows are really thick and well-shaped. Not to mention her eyes that look stands out even when she didn’t apply any eye make-up.

While the right photo, the familiar face of Jihyo that we often see. The make-up is really making her face that’s already beautiful to be even more gorgeous. Jihyo’s beautiful face is really heavenly stunning, right?

4. Dahyun TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


Dahyun is a member of Twice that is popular with her pale skin. Even among K-pop idols, Dahyun is one of the palest idols. We can really see it when she didn’t apply any make-up on her face, her bare face’s skin still looks as soft as tofu, just like her nickname. Dahyun’s bare face also shows that she is really a natural beauty!

And after applying make-up on, Dahyun’s face is just getting prettier than ever. The make-up that she often used also didn’t look too heavy, that’s why her appearance with and without make-up is not really different. One thing we know for sure is, Dahyun’s beautiful face is really undeniable with or without make-up!

dahyun with makeup

5. Sana TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup


Sana is the icon of sexy and cute in Twice. Not only ONCEs that agree with this, but also non-fans such as Korean and Japanese netizen also think that Sana’s beauty is ethereal. But, Sana is also a human. Just like other celebrities, she wears make-up when she’s on camera.

What do you think she will be like when she doesn’t wear any make-up?

Still pretty, of course! Sana’s bare face just shows how beautiful her natural face is. With a pretty face like this, no wonder that JYP Entertainment’s staff scouted her as a trainee when she was shopping!


6. Chaeyeong TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

Chaeyoung without makeup

The baby lion from Twice, Chaeyoung, is also just as pretty as other members. Despite her young age, Chaeyoung often shows a strong charisma especially from her make-up. But, it’s quite rare to see her without make-up. Will it be the same when Chaeyoung doesn’t wear any make-up?

Well, here is the answer!

Chaeyoung looks pretty as usual, the only different thing from her looks is that there’s no make-up on her face. That’s all! Chaeyoung still looks as pretty as before. Her natural beauty is really showing when she didn’t apply any make-up.


7. Tzuyu TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

tzuyu without makeup

Known as one of the most beautiful faces in the world, you probably think that Tzuyu’s face without make-up will make a quite huge difference? Well, think twice, it’s Tzuyu that we’re talking about. She’s not being called the goddess of K-pop for no reason!

Tzuyu is indeed gorgeous when she had her make-up on. Every time Twice had a schedule, Tzuyu almost always looks with make-up. But since her usual make-up is not that heavy, we can really notice her when she didn’t wear any make-up.

Tzuyu’s pretty skin shows how beautiful she is naturally. No wonder that her beautiful face has been recognized by people around the world!


8. Mina TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

mina without makeup

Do you know that before debut with Twice, Mina is one of the popular trainees in JYP Entertainment? Well, we know her as the ice princess of Twice. But even before that, she’s madly pretty that made every trainee wants to get close with her. That only means Mina really has the natural beauty without that much make-up on her face, right?

So, let’s take a look how the goddess from Japan can steal your heart with her bare face!

Even when Mina’s not wearing any make-up, she still makes your heart pounder, right?


9. Jeongyeon TWICE Before and After Wearing Makeup

jungyeon without makeup

Jeongyeon is known for her “girl crush” aura. Because of her short hair when Twice just made a debut in 2015, Jeongyeon stands out among the other 8 members of Twice. She also has the strong vibe that makes her look not only beautiful but also cool and charming.

But, do you know that even when she didn’t wear any make-up Jeongyeon still looks gorgeous?

It’s rare to see the cute make-up from Jeongyeon, but when she appeared without any make-up on her face, Jeongyeon looks really innocent and cute. And of course, with her bare face, Jeongyeon is just as pretty as ever!

Jungyeon TWICE