Get Inspired by TWICE’s Nayeon’s Styles! Check Out Her Best Outfit Choices Here!

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Here’s a Guide For You: How To Be as Stylish as TWICE’s Nayeon!

Im Na-yeon, who is famously known as TWICE’s Nayeon, has been one of the most biggest influences among K-Pop idol, especially for her fans. With her talent, good-looking appearance, kind personality, and such a fashionable person, TWICE’s Nayeon has effortlessly stolen all of the fans’ hearts all around the world! Now, Channel Korea is going to take a look at TWICE’s Nayeon’s fashion sense, and give you the details, so stay tuned!

As a K-Pop idol, TWICE’s Nayeon has to look as gorgeous as possible. With every step she takes, there’s always a lot of paparazzi would haunt her and try to take a look at every detail about her, including her how she dresses. Nayeon has proven that she looks as gorgeous as ever on every occasion, whether it was during her performances with TWICE, when she’s at the airport, during red carpet awards, and other time! Do you want to know how to be as gorgeous as TWICE’s Nayeon? Let’s find out the answer through the article down below!

Nayeon Modeling Before Debut

Before we talk about Nayeon’s fashion style, let’s start with a slight throwback! Did you know that TWICE’s Nayeon used to be a runway model back in 2012? Well,several of TWICE’s members used to be runway models, including Nayeon, and their pictures while they walked the runway have surfaced and amazed their fans!

In 2012, TWICE’s Nayeon, along with groupmates Jihyo and Jungyeon were walking for Ji Chun Hee’s runway. The collection was using a fairy-tale lookalike concept for the models, and the collection had a slightly bohemian look. On the runway, TWICE’s Nayeon wearing using a white blouse and light brown pants, with a messy bun hairstyle and  a pair of dove accessories on her hands!

TWICE’s Nayeon also had very natural makeup, which also made her look effortlessly beautiful! One thing that never changes; her natural beauty has remained the same since then, right?

Well, what do you think about TWICE’s Nayeon while she was being a runway model in 2012?

Nayeon’s Luxury Outfits

As a celebrity, it’s very common to wear luxury outfits sometime, and so does Nayeon! On some occasions, TWICE’s Nayeon was caught wearing luxury brand outfits, as well! Do you want to see her style with luxury brand fashion outfits? Let’s take a look of her style, here!

TWICE’s Nayeon always knows how to impress people with her feminine style! She looked really cute with the light brown shirt and the black skirt, as well. She also brought her Ville Camera Bag!

Even if it’s just at the airport, TWICE’s Nayeon has been seen wearing some of her luxury outfits, such as this Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Alexander Wang bag, and a pair of Chanel sneakers!

During an event, TWICE’s Nayeon  appeared with her luxury fashion items! She was wearing the Miu Miu jacket and skirt, which suits her very well!

Another luxury fashion look at the airport from TWICE’s Nayeon! Even though the style looks quite simple, mostly it was branded! She’s wearing a jacket from Maison Kitsune, denim pants from Isabel Marant Etoile, and a beanie hat from Vivienne Westwood!

Last but not least, TWICE’s Nayeon was wearing the same denim pants from Isabel Marant Etoile, a bag from Versace, and sneakers from Converse!

Get Inspired By Nayeon’s Style!

And here are the most awaited moments; a couple of fashion style choices from TWICE’s Nayeon! If you want to get inspired by Nayeon’s style, you could take a look at some of her styles down below, then you can recreate her style! So, let’s take a look at some of TWICE’s Nayeon’s style here:

Airport Fashion

And here are the TWICE’s Nayeon’s fashion styles for airport fashion:

Even at the airport, TWICE’s Nayeon was rocking the style! With a feminine casual look, Nayeon was wearing denim skirt, striped shirt, and a black blazer for the outer. And also, the black, laced mary janes matched with her bag and her blazer!

We are also in love with this airport style from TWICE’s Nayeon! She’s wearing black, high waisted jeans, a white cropped top with the mixture of a knitted tank top. To complete her style, she was wearing a pair of loafer sandals, and purple sling bag as well!

Casual Style

And here is some of Nayeon’s casual fashion styles:

A basic white T-Shirt and denim pants was a perfect combination for casual style, right? TWICE’s Nayeon also loves that combination! She also wore printed shoes and a simple tote bag. This style is right for you who are looking for a campus fashion style!

Looking for a casual, yet formal look? Just copy Nayeon’s style here! She’s was wearing black pencil pants, a pair of loafer sandals, a printed T-Shirt, and mixed it with denim jacket for the outer. Don’t forget to add your favorite hat and a simple pouch!

We’re really in love with this style from TWICE’s Nayeon! For a casual, feminine look, she paired an oversized T-Shirt along with a denim miniskirt. She also wore a pair of sandals and a pair of socks. Then, the blue sling bag has become the spotlight from her style as well!