Who Is TWICE’s Nayeon’s Boyfriend? Here’s Information About Her Boyfriend, Ideal Type, and Dating Rumors!

Twice Nayeon boyfriend

Let’s Get To Know Who Is TWICE’s Nayeon’s Boyfriend!

Nayeon is the oldest member in TWICE who was born in 1995 and is also the main vocalist and dancer. Nayeon is also known for her aegyo style, and she has cute bunny teeth. Her performances manage to get a lot of attention from fans, and everyone who sees her falls in love. Because of her charm, she was rumored to be dating fellow male K-pop idols such as BTS’ Jungkook and BTOB’ Minhyuk.

So, who is TWICE’s Nayeon dating? And, who is her boyfriend, and what is her status now? Find out the answers in this article because Channel-Korea has already provided everything about it. So, keep on reading!

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TWICE’s Nayeon Never Revealed Her Boyfriend

Twice Nayeon boyfriend

In TWICE, only two members were confirmed to be dating, namely Momo and Jihyo. Meanwhile, Nayeon didn’t reveal that she ever had a boyfriend or was in a relationship. If we look back to her interview in the KBS program Look Back at Me in 2016, Nayeon revealed the agency’s prohibition about dating.

She explained that she doesn’t really care for dating, but she was worried that the rules still existed. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to date someday.

TWICE’s Nayeon’s Dating Rumor List

Twice nayeon dating rumor

Some people have claimed to be Nayeon’s boyfriend, like a stalker named Josh. Regardless of that, Nayeon was rumored to be dating male K-pop idols and even a Japanese actor, namely Takeuchi Ryoma. TWICE fans liked them when TWICE did a promotion for their 1st Japanese Album BDZ on a Japanese television program. However, their closeness was just fan speculation just like her rumors with Jungkook and Minhyuk.

TWICE’s Nayeon and BTS’ Jungkook’s Dating Scandals

Twice nayeon and jungkook

TWICE’s Nayeon and BTS’ Jungkook were rumored to be dating in 2016. This rumor started when TWICE, BTS, and other K-pop groups attended Idol Star Athletics Championships. Their fans mentioned that Jungkook and Nayeon are in a relationship because of Jungkook’s reaction when Nayeon won the wrestling match.

Jungkook nayeon dating

Not only that, they were both were caught on camera stealing glances. Fans also said that Jungkook gets passionate when he dances to TWICE’s songs, especially “Cheer Up.”

Their fans have shown many things, but the rumor was not confirmed by Nayeon and JYP or even Jungkook and his label, HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment).

TWICE’s Nayeon and BTOB’ Minhyuk’s Relationship Status

Nayeon and minhyuk kiss scene

In the same year, Nayeon was rumored to have a relationship with BTOB’ Minhyuk. This all happened when they were both guests on the program Oh My Got Tip. In that program, they acted as a couple, and they did everything like a real couple.

Suddenly, Nayeon and Minhyuk shocked their fans because of their romantic and cute scene. Moreover, their fans were surprised when they saw their adorable kiss scene like below!

Nayeon and minhyuk kiss scene
Nayeon and minhyuk kiss scene

Instead of dating, they are actually good friends until now. So, the news about their dating is just a rumor and speculation.

TWICE’s Nayeon’s Ideal Type and Status

Twice Nayeon ideal type

When Nayeon is asked about her ideal type in every interview, she says that she doesn’t have criteria in particular about it. But, she likes someone who is trustworthy and dependable, someone who can pay attention to her, and someone who is smart in using technology.

As she said in a radio interview in 2019, Nayeon preferred Kim Woo-bin to Lee Min-ho in The Heirs. Because Woo-bin’s role shows a character like a real man. it means that Nayeon likes men who show their actions more rather than their sweet or poetic words.

Kim Woo Bin 2021

Nayeon never published her love story or confirmed a relationship. Until now, TWICE’s Nayeon still doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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