TWICE’s Most Beautiful Members and Their Visual Ranking

TWICE’s Foreign Members Who Look Korean

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

The visuals of the non-Korean members of TWICE have become a hot topic in online communities. Netizens started a discussion about which members among Tzuyu, Mina Myoui, Momo, and Sana look the most Korean.

As is known, TWICE is gaining international popularity and consists of members from all over the world. Although most of the nine members are Korean, there are three members from Japan (Sana, Momo, and Mina) and one member from Taiwan (Tzuyu).

Korean netizens started discussing which international member looked Korean the most. Despite differences of opinion, many netizens were surprised to learn that Mina is Japanese.

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

“I think Momo looks very Korean.”

“I always thought Mina was Korean. I can’t believe she’s Japanese.”

“I think Mina looks like Korean.”

“Mina isn’t Korean?”

“I think Sana looks like a Korean.”

“Mina or Sana look the most Korean.”

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

“When I didn’t know much about TWICE, I was sure Mina or Momo were Korean.”

“I think all the Japanese members look like Japanese.”

“I think it’s Sana. Anyone can tell Momo is Japanese when they see her for the first time.”

“They all look like people from their own country.”

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

“The last one [Sana] seems to be Korean. I don’t know her name.”

“That’s Sana, Tzuyu is only Taiwanese.”

“Mina! In the photo she took when she was a student, Mina looks exactly like a Korean.”

“Isn’t that Mina? I thought Mina was Korean.”

What do you think?

TWICE’s Bodyguards Choose the Most Beautiful Members

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

TWICE members are all beautiful. But, there are two members who are called the most beautiful by their bodyguards. Who are they?

Jeong Seung-min and Yang Tae-il have worked as bodyguards for a total of 39 years. Over the years, they have escorted some of the biggest artists in K-pop including BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, G-FRIEND, Cosmic Girls, and MOMOLAND.

In a new interview with AYO on YouTube, Yang Tae-il revealed which TWICE member fascinated him with their visuals. As soon as the interviewer asked them to name the prettiest idol they had ever seen, Yang Tae-il immediately smiled.

Although he was not originally TWICE’s bodyguard, Jeong Seung-min explained that Yang Tae-il had been taking care of TWICE since their first concert. He then joined the team in the middle of TWICE’s promotions where Jeong Seung-min found out that his partner was actually ONCE.

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

Since Yang Tae-il is a huge fan, Jeong Seung-min at work decided to let him guard the concert stand area, the closest part of the venue to the stage where the TWICE members performed. Jeong Seung-min even embarrassed Yang Tae-il by revealing that he was so infatuated with TWICE that he didn’t even leave his job to use the restroom.

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

So which member attracts the most attention? Yang Tae-il admitted that he faced a dilemma because there are two TWICE members who captured his heart. The first member is Dahyun and the second is Momo.

“What should I do?” said Yang Tae-il with a laugh. He added, “TWICE is so pretty.” Who wouldn’t be fascinated by them?

TWICE’s Most Beautiful Members According to Their Makeup Artist

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

It’s no secret that TWICE is a very popular K-pop group. In each of their comebacks, they win various awards on music shows. In addition to the extraordinary talent, the visuals of each TWICE member also always attract attention. It is undeniable that they all have beautiful faces.

Way from Crayon Pop has been busy lately with his YouTube channel, WayLand. In one of the episodes, she invited a makeup artist guest star for famous idols, Jo Sang-ki. Jo Sang-ki herself has quite a number of clients. One of the closest to her is TWICE. In one segment, Way had time to ask about who the most beautiful TWICE member is without makeup on their faces.

“I would say TWICE’s Tzuyu and Jihyo,” Jo Sang-ki replied. Furthermore, Jo Sang-ki explained why she chose Tzuyu and Jihyo as the prettiest without makeup in TWICE.

She started with leader Jihyo, showing the eye-catching features, “Jihyo has very pretty eyes.” Sang-ki doesn’t think that’s the only thing that makes her amazing, “Her face without makeup is really pretty.”

TWICE's Most Beautiful Member

To the youngest member, Tzuyu, Sang-ki says what everyone thinks of the idol, “Tzuyu just looks like a doll.” Way thought she was just as pretty by saying, “I would have thought she’d look pretty with anything.” Having often seen Tzuyu in person, even with a bare face, Sang-ki agrees, “Yeah, she’s really pretty.”

Sang-ki takes a look at all the idols she has worked with over the years. Tzuyu and Jihyo are the ones who took the crown with their natural beauty.

Well, that is all of the information about TWICE’s most beautiful members based on ranks, votes, magazines, and according to their closest people who work with them. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!