Get To Know Better TWICE’s Dancing Machine from Japan – Momo

TWICE’S Momo Diet Plans and Tips

Momo is one of the TWICE members that has an ideal body alongside with Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, and Sana. She is also known to have amazingly shaped abs. Would you guys like to know what is her secret formula behind them? Let’s check it out!

On May 11th, 2018, TWICE members did a VLive with the theme “Jihyo’s Candy Night.” During this live, Momo talked about her extreme dieting before debuting. Then, another member of the group asked her, “How did you manage to lose 7 kg?”

Momo then answered, “The company told me I had to lose weight, about 7 kg, in order for me to step on the stage for our showcase.” She then continued, explaining to the other members and the audience, that as soon she was given the assignment, she started her diet right away and barely ate any food, while solely going to the gym every single day for seven days.

momo twice diet
momo twice diet

Momo also said, “While sleeping. I shed tears because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get up or not the next day.” Despite going to such extreme measures of diet, she wasn’t able to lose the required 7kg in seven days. Then Momo asked for three more days to reach the goal, which at the end Momo was able to accomplish.

Not only she diets, but Momo also does a lot of exercises. Starting from simple moves to hard ones. Here is a video that shows her doing some exercises:

Momo’s Plastic Surgery Rumor?! True or False?

momo twice plastic surgery

Often times, the Korean idols, who are quite famous for their amazing and unique visual appearances, get roasted with rumors of having done plastic surgery. Unfortunately, Momo is one such example of this common practice. We all know that her beautiful and unique features have been present in her visual appearance ever since she was a child. However, netizens think that Momo has made some changes to certain parts of her body. Which parts are they talking about? Let’s find out!

It was all started when netizens tried to find Momo’s and Sana’s childhood photos. Eventually, they were able to find a graduation photo of the two Twice members. In the photo, Momo has naturally black hair with bangs. She also doesn’t wear any make-up as well; we can see that Momo had a rounder face shape, which is totally different from how she is now. Her younger self flashes a wide smile in the image below.

momo plastic surgery

After the photo was released, netizens started to debate whether Momo has undergone plastic surgery to achieve the look she has nowadays. A comment that agrees with this reads, “I can tell Sana is Sana, but Momo is a different story… also had definitely had a double eyelid surgery lol.”

Other netizens speak up their thoughts and try to defend Momo by saying, “Momo definitely didn’t do plastic surgery. JYP is not a company to promote plastic surgery, plus there were a few pre-debut photos that showed her double eyelids. Some other netizens say that Momo’s face looks different because she has gone through puberty. “There is a thing called puberty, are you ignorant? My face looks totally different from when I was in middle school. So you’re gonna assume that I have plastic surgery?”

Still, some people disagree that puberty can cause such a huge difference and change in the facial features, “It’s normal to get plastic surgery in Korea, puberty doesn’t magically create a double eyelid. Been around monolid people in my life, and none of them have gotten double eyelids after puberty.”

Another Double Eyelid Surgery Issue Involving Momo?

On September 6th, 2017, TWICE released a new version of their previous music video “Knock Knock” as part of the new LG Mobile CF, featuring each member showing off the company’s new phone. But for some netizens, the phone didn’t attract their attention. They were more focused on Momo’s eyes.

According to netizens, Momo appears like she has undergone a double eyelid plastic surgery, resulting in a deeper and darker look that was quite evident in TWICE’s new LG Mobile CF. Here are her photos:

momo twice plastic surgery
momo twice plastic surgery

And here is the full video of TWICE’s LG CF:

So what do you guys think? Has Momo really done plastic surgery or her eyes simply appear wider than before as a result of a make-up trick? The answer is up to you guys.