TWICE’s Momo’s Extreme Diet and Weight Loss Before Having Abs: Losing 7 Kilos in a Week!

twice momo weight loss and diet

TWICE’s Momo Is Shocking Fans With Her Extreme Diet Experience in the Past

As K-pop idols, they have to look almost perfect on every occasion. Even before their debut, they have to take care of their appearance, their body, and their skills. Turns out, Momo from TWICE used to experience an extreme diet since she was asked to lose 7 kilograms before becoming popular with TWICE.

In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you about that, so stay tuned!

What You Need To Know About TWICE’s Momo

Hirai Momo is a girl group member of TWICE and was scouted under JYP Entertainment. In the group, she is in charge as the main dancer, vocalist, and rapper as well. Since she is Japanese, Momo has the pure beauty of a Japanese girl with a mixture of Korean vibes which is admired by the fans.

Aside from her amazing dance skills, many TWICE fans have praised Momo for her ideal body. With a height of 167 cm and a weight of 48 kg, Momo also shows off some abs. But, Momo once experienced an unpleasant moment during her trainee days.

She had to lose weight to debut with TWICE. If she didn’t achieve that, she wouldn’t be allowed to perform on the stage and debut as a K-pop idol. With her effort, Momo chose to use an extreme diet method instantly. Do you want to know about that? Here it is.

Her Struggle to Lose Some Weight

Before her debut with TWICE, Momo spent her trainee days practicing and preparing almost everything. From her skills to her looks, everything should have been kept on track. To get an ideal body, Momo went on a diet.

It wasn’t an ordinary diet, but Momo went on an extreme diet since she lost 7 kilograms (15 pounds) within a week! At that time, she had to lose that amount of weight no matter what happened, and that’s why she tried very hard to achieve it.

Momo confessed that she used some extreme methods to lose weight which also made her terrified about her health condition. During the 7 days, Momo didn’t eat any proper meals and spent most of her time in the gym. She only ate ice cubes as an energy source, but she worried that the ice cubes would make her become fat.

Eventually, she lost the weight with the additional three days from the actual due date, but the fellow members were worried since Momo looked very pale as if she was dying. Fortunately, she could gain weight again after D-Day of her debut with TWICE!

TWICE’s Momo’s Diet

Currently, Momo can deal with food and healthy diet methods instead of doing an extreme diet like in the past. To maintain her health and ideal weight, Momo tries to stay in shape with regular exercise. She no longer does a strict diet and can eat whatever she wants whenever she gets hungry.

It is also confirmed by the agency that Momo can eat without worrying that she will gain some weight. She can eat when she gets hungry, and she can stop every time she gets full. What a relief!

Her Workout Routine

Since Momo went on regular exercise, many fans started to be curious about her workout routine. Turns out, she does simple yet effective moves for her workout routine! Momo does planks and plank twisters very often. Each day, she does three sets of 50 planks. The moves also help to work on her shoulder strength based on her experience.

Moreover, Momo is famously known for her beautiful abs. No wonder many people have praised her abs since Momo put in a bunch of effort to maintain the abs by consistently doing many planks!

TWICE’s Momo: Check Out Her Amazing Abs Here!

Here are some beautiful abs of TWICE’s Momo as proof of her hard work:

After she successfully lost some weight and maintained her ideal weight, Momo also started building her abs. During her performances on stage, many people could notice that, especially when she wore a crop top as her outfit!

Many fans also noticed that Momo has such amazing abs, and they even called them the famous “11 abs.” You can see it through the picture below with her belly showing off two lines which is a sign of her abs!

All of her hard work eventually paid off. Currently, she has an ideal weight and amazing abs without worrying about gaining some weight. In addition, she can eat happily whenever she gets hungry!

Well, dieting is good for your health as long as everything is measured with proper methods and matches your health. Just like Momo, you can eat anything but stay balanced by doing some workouts! If you’re happy with the content, feel free to share this article on your social media or tell your friends!