TWICE’s Momo’s Dogs Boo and Dobby: Breed, Pregnancy, Etc.

momo dog

Meet Momo and Her Cute Dogs, Boo and Dobby

There is only one, or two, things that Momo loves more than dancing. They are Boo and Dobby, Momo’s cute dog pets. Momo grew up in a family with dogs, four to be exact, as their pet companion. Five years after debuting with TWICE, Momo finally had the courage to adopt her own puppy, Boo. The following year, she added another puppy and named him Dobby. You can tell that Momo loves them very much, and she loves to show them to fans.

Check out the story of Momo’s dogs, Boo and Dobby, in this article. Stay tuned!

TWICE’s Momo and Her Dog Adoption Story

momo dog

Even before debuting with TWICE, the entire TWICE group love pets, whether dogs or cats, as their companions. The pets give unconditional love to their owner and entertain the entire TWICE group whenever they return to the dormitory. Since their debut, TWICE’s favorite pets have been either dogs or cats. Momo is one of the members who loves dogs as her favorite pet.

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In 2018, Momo introduced her family pets. Momo’s family had three cute dogs, Lucky, Pudding, and Petco. All of them were Russel Terriers. Momo loved to show their pictures to the members and fans. Whenever she looked at their pictures, Momo’s face would beam with happiness.

momo dog

From 2020 to 2021, Momo started adopting her own dog pets. She introduced two Norwich Terriers to fans through a VLIVE broadcast. Apparently, she was very satisfied with her first pet, Boo. The following year, she adopted another dog of the same breed and called it Dobby.

TWICE’s Momo and Boo

Boo was introduced to fans through an Instagram post on May 9th, 2020. Later, through a VLIVE broadcast, Momo held Boo while she was talking to fans about her activities. At the time, Boo was only 5 months old. Momo said, “Isn’t he cute? Look at his huge belly.” Boo is one of TWICE’s pets that regularly appears on TWICE’s Instagram account. According to Momo, Boo’s name was taken from her favorite character in the movie Monsters, Inc.

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TWICE’s Momo and Dobby

Nearly a year after adopting Boo, Momo adopted another dog and called it Dobby. According to her, she didn’t know Dobby’s breed, but she adopted Dobby to give a new sibling to Boo. Boo and Dobby look very similar, but Dobby’s hair is slightly lighter than Boo’s hair. At first, she was worried about whether Boo and Dobby would get along with each other. Luckily, they got along really well.

TWICE’s Momo’s Moments With Dog Adoptions

momo dog

For Momo, Boo and Dobby are more than just pets. Her dogs are also a source of her inspiration. Her phone is literally filled with nothing but Boo or Dobby pictures. Sometimes, Momo brings along her dogs to follow her activities. In fact, Momo mentioned her dogs and thanked them personally in TWICE’s album.

momo dog

Boo and Dobby are very lucky to have Momo as their owner and companion. Best of luck to Momo and her dog pets. Let’s hope that she can adopt more pets and add a new sibling for Boo and Dobby.

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