TWICE’s Mina: Profile, Facts, Health Issues

TWICE’s Mina’s Rumors with BTS’ Taehyung

BTS’ Taehyung and TWICE’s Mina recently became a hot topic discussed by their fans. This is due to the circulation of information that the two will have a special relationship. The news about BTS’ Taehyung or TWICE’s Mina’s relationship first came from the Twitter account @kpoppredictions_. The account provides a prediction regarding a new idol couple in 2020.

BTS’ Taehyung and TWICE’s Mina are expected to enter as the third couple who will take the K-Pop scene by storm. This is because K-Pop fans are guessing about a man with the initials T, born in 1995, who is dating a female idol with the initials M, who was born in 1997. The news of BTS’ Taehyung and TWICE’s Mina predictions has also garnered various comments from netizens. Not a few are still surprised by the news but provide support for both.

Discussions about K-Pop idol love stories are always a hot topic. This is because idols often keep their love relationships secret from the public. However, until now there has been no news spread about BTS’ Taehyung and TWICE’s Mina’s dating rumors, because the previous news circulating only predictions about the relationship between the two K-Pop idols who are currently famous.

According to you as ARMY and ONCE, do you agree if someday BTS’ Taehyung and TWICE’s Mina are confirmed to be dating?

TWICE’s Mina’s Visual

TWICE’s Mina is known as one of the most popular members among JYP Entertainment trainees even before she debuted with a girl group that has successfully become one of the important roles on her career journey. Yes, surely you are very familiar with the beauty of TWICE’s Mina who is increasingly looking beautiful and mature. TWICE’s Mina is also one of the members who is seen with a different concept and appearance in each of the latest comebacks.

The member who comes from Japan and has the real name as Myoui Mina has a small face with a V-shaped jawline, heart-shaped lips, a small nose, and double eyelids. She also has a slim figure which is a perfect body line. This idol’s skin tone is on the brighter side. TWICE’s Mina is shorter than 165 cm and has a fit body type, but is not considered an hourglass figure.

In fact, she also doesn’t need to wear makeup that is too bold and can maximally show a goddess-like aura. TWICE’s Mina also has flawless facial features so visually, she always looks beautiful even in any make-up or hairstyle. TWICE’s Mina also always gets the best angles in every photo shoot session and her idol charisma shines well.

Even though she is a K-Pop idol who came from Japan, she was able to meet the beauty standards as an idol who debuted in South Korea. Many also know that the visuals of TWICE’s Mina haven’t changed much until now and she looks even prettier with the concept of make-up and hairstyle that is always provided so that TWICE’s Mina gets the perfect visual transformation.

Currently TWICE’s Mina has become an adult woman who is completely blooms and has a beauty that is of course above average, you could say almost perfect. Not only visually, but TWICE’s Mina also has a personality, a gentle heart and also a sweet person.

What do you think about TWICE’s Mina’s visual? Does she deserve the title of a K-Pop idol with natural beauty?

Well, that was all for the information of TWICE’s Mina’s full profile, fun facts until her career journey as a K-Pop idol. There are many things that TWICE’s Mina has to face as one of her struggles as a K-Pop idol that she has to be sentenced to anxiety disorders and a temporary hiatus from her schedule. Even so, she was able to overcome past troubles and is ready to continue her career asa a member of TWICE again. Let’s keep supporting TWICE’s Mina so that she can continue to be happy and have a shining career in the future!

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