TWICE’s Mina: Profile, Facts, Health Issues

Get to Know TWICE’s Mina

A beautiful woman whose full name is Myoui Mina and is familiarly called Mina is a member of the K-Pop girl group TWICE from Japan. Mina officially joined JYP Entertainment in January 2014. Apart from being a singer, Mina has also shown her talent as a ballet dancer in her activities with TWICE. Mina practiced ballet from an early age and had learned it over a decade before making her debut as TWICE.

Its popularity along with other TWICE personnel from Japan, Momo and Sana, has been praised by many people for being considered to be able to improve relations between Japan and South Korea by various media. Mina is also the 16th most tolerated idol in South Korea according to the annual music poll conducted by Gallup Korea in 2019.

How much do you know TWICE Mina? If not, let’s scroll down to find out more detailed information about TWICE’s Mina’s full profile, facts and many more!

TWICE Mina Full Profile

Real Name : Myoui Mina (名井 南)

Stage Name : Mina (hangul: 미나)

English Name : Sharon Myoui

Birth : San Antonio, Texas, United States, March 24, 1997

Star Sign : Aries

Height : 163 cm (5’4″)

Weight : 46 kg (101 lbs)

Blood Type : A

Religion : Catholic


Nationality : Japanese-American

Position in the group : Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist

TWICE Mina Facts
  1. TWICE’s Mina’s parents are Japanese
  2. TWICE’s Mina has an older brother
  3. TWICE’s Mina and her family moved to Kobe, Japan, when she was a toddler
  4. TWICE’s Mina attended Obayashi Sacred Heart School in Japan
  5. TWICE’s Mina attended Urizip Dance School for learning more modern dance
  6. TWICE’s Mina got cast by JYP Entertainment with her mom while they were shopping
  7. TWICE’s Mina learned ballet for 11 years
  8. TWICE’s Mina’s favorite ballet production is La Corsaire
  9. TWICE’s Mina’s representative color is Mint
  10. TWICE’s Mina likes the Purple and Indigo
  11. TWICE’s Mina’s nicknames are ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Penguin
  12. TWICE’s Mina has a 10 years old male dog named Rei
  13. TWICE’s Mina joinede the audition in JYP Entertainment in Japan and started her trainee program in South Korea on January 2, 2014
  14. TWICE’s Mina has the shortest period of training before debut as a member of TWICE
  15. TWICE’s Mina is very popular among male JYP trainees
  16. TWICE’s Mina is really a quiet person in public
  17. TWICE’s Mina got into K-Pop when she did a cover with her friend using a song from Girls’ Generation
  18. TWICE’s Mina’s favorite karaoke song is Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande
  19. TWICE’s Mina likes the character of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and also likes to watch the series as well
  20. TWICE’s Mina would prefer watching action thriller rather than romance movies
  21. TWICE’s Mina can’t eat bondaegi (silkworm pupae)
  22. TWICE’s Mina likes eating snacks
  23. TWICE’s Mina likes Americano
  24. TWICE’s Mina likes great white sharks
  25. TWICE’s Mina loves Heinz ketchup and she loves to eat eggs with ketchup
  26. TWICE’s Mina doesn’t like plum blossom and natto
  27. TWICE’s Mina’s hobby is looking up restaurants online and shopping
  28. TWICE’s Mina has a lot of mod swings and has up and downs, but still thinking that she is a bright person
  29. TWICE’s Mina cries whenever she got into stressed
  30. TWICE’s Mina likes to play with her phone every time she can’t go to sleep
  31. TWICE’s Mina doesn’t talk to anyone every time she pissed off or angry
  32. TWICE’s Mina was given nickname as ‘Only Look At Chaeyoung’ by TWICE’s Chaeyoung
  33. TWICE’s Mina’s favorite Japanese sentence is ‘The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference’
  34. TWICE’s Mina shares the biggest room in the dorm with TWICE’s Jihyo, Momo, Nayeon and Sana
  35. TWICE’s Mina’s ideal type is someone who is well-mannered, playful, decisive, kind and can lead her
  36. TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s BamBam were involved in a dating scandal to the point that Mina was sent death threats.
  37. TWICE’s Mina’s English name is Sharon.
  38. TWICE’s Mina will do exercies like yoga or pilates when she’s on diet.

Pre-debut Story and Appear on Survival Show SIXTEEN

As TWICE’s member, Myoui Mina’s popularity cannot be doubted. But who would have thought that before her debut, even before she became a JYP Entertainment trainee, it turns out that TWICE’s Mina is a fan of other K-Pop groups.

TWICE’s Mina’s predebut photos circulating widely in cyberspace show that she is a number of K-Pop groups including Big Bang and EXO. The 1997-born K-Pop idol even joined a cover dance group and performed the choreography of her favorite groups.

One of the photos circulating shows Mina posing with her friends in the cover dance group wearing a costume written ‘WOLF 88’ like EXO’s costume during the promotional period for the song Wolf. Another photo shows Mina dancing excitedly when EXO appeared at the 2015 MAMA.

In another predebut photo, TWICE’s Mina is seen holding Big Bang’s lightstick and appearing to cover EXO’s choreography. According to the netter who posted the photo, Mina is also actively supporting the two groups she likes.

Wow, starting with fans, now he is dealing with a group he likes on a music program,” commented Netter. “What I notice is that she’s been beautiful since before her debut. It hasn’t changed at all,” said the other netters. “She must have often watched Big Bang concerts in Japan first,” said another.

Already having a capable talent, Mina only spent over a year to debut in TWICE. She was offered an audition at JYP Entertainment while shopping with his mother in Osaka. TWICE’s Mina qualified as a trainee at JYP starting in January 2014. Sixteen months later, Mina competed in ‘SIXTEEN’ and became a member of TWICE.

The collaborative project between Park Jin-young and Mnet titled ‘SIXTEEN’ presents a broadcast that will entertain the audience with the appearance of the participants who are riveting. As the title implies, the survival show was attended by 16 participants. Seven of the participants have become trainees at JYP Entertainment. They will debut as a new girl group in the agency 2PM and miss A.

Meanwhile, the other nine participants will be competing to replace the seven participants who are already trainees. Among the 16 participants, it turned out that not all of them came from Korea, there were four people who came from Japan and one person from China.

Mina always appeared with the best performance when joining ‘SIXTEEN’ as a survival show organized by JYP Entertainment. Many have given support to Mina after she appeared on the survival show. He is also always present with her bright and cheerful personality when appearing at the event.

In December 2016, a post on the Instiz website highlighted that some of TWICE’s members looked a little different before and after debut. Netizens who publish this post also compare their photos while participating in the survival show ‘SIXTEEN’ with photos after debut. According to netizens, members who are considered to look completely unchanged are Chaeyoung and Myoui Mina.

I think they only look different because of contact lenses and makeup,” commented by a netter. “I think Jeongyeon has found the right style for her. Maybe that’s why she looks amazing now,’ said the other netters. “They look prettier, right?” added another.

What do you think about Myoui Mina’s visual transformation since her first appearance in public as trainee in ‘SIXTEEN’ then her recent appearance after debut with TWICE?

Debut with TWICE

Park Jin-young doesn’t seem to want to rant about his plans to debut a new girl group. After miss A, JYP Entertainment finally announced the debut of another girl group under its auspices, TWICE. The announcement was made via JYP Entertainment’s official Twitter account accompanied by an image post.

With 9 members, TWICE’s presence has actually been long awaited by fans. Fans have been looking forward to worrying ever since their appearance on Mnet’s reality show ‘SIXTEEN’ that aired on Mnet in May 2015. In their series of debuts, TWICE previously released various creepy yet hilarious individual teasers with ghosts and zombies around them. Still with the same theme, they looked cheerful even though they were surrounded by zombies for their debut concept held in October 2015.

On October 20, 2015, TWICE’s debut music video was released with the title Like OOH-AHH. Various energetic and choreography movements were highlighted in the 4-minute music video. Thanks to TWICE’s charm, they are said to be able to melt zombies’ hearts and make them fall in love.

Like OOH-AHH tells the story of the members’ confidence in each other’s beauty. They are also now waiting for the presence of a partner who can make their heart excited and want to feel affection.